[Suggestion] New anomaly. "memory" or "radio"

This is the place to discuss the game locations, as they are known to the current Survivors.

30.04.2017, 14:50

Class: Safe.
Evidence: Stalkers
Names: Unknown
"-So , is this thing on?...Great."
"-What Have you seen comrade _____ ?"
"-Ok Doc , I was at ____ , no not the middle of nowhere , center of the ____..."
"- What have you seen or heard while being in ____ comrade ____?"
"-I can't explain it but , I will try... I entered the ____ room and heard phone ringing.I took the phone and I heard the women saying : "-Hello ! Is this ___-2" , then man answered "Yes!" , "- What is burning out there?" , man: "It's a explosion on...main corpus 3rd or 4th...Between 3rd and 4th..."
"Are there any people there?..."-and then it stopped ....
"-Well thank you comrade ____ , we will give you results about that "anomaly" you "heard" , you are free , bye...."
report was taken :4/26/____

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24.08.2017, 03:23

What anomaly? What does it do? Details, man!
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