Tarakanovsky Fort

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26.04.2014, 06:58

Looks great. I'm definitely intrested in why the Forest has decided to spare it...
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08.06.2014, 20:21

i like when games use spot that r in history. i like to think it could be a town i am not in to pvp. i played pvp but it just with my friends most of the time i got sick of people yelling about being kill on other games and them just said ruled thing. but i guise that how it is at times + i am more like the guy that just what to help other player so they can get the most out of the game for them. i am sure no one like to fine a good guns or gear and 5 mis later lose it be case so guy kill u and take all your good gear. i like how the Forest has decided and change it look like a cool plane to visit. i can see it now a cool town with player moving all around getting jobs or just selling thing to other player or selling to shop.
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20.06.2014, 05:23

Well thanks to 18/06/14 Server issues i was able to fly around the map, can't wait to see the new areas if you know what i mean.
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31.07.2014, 20:48

19th century... mmm
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30.10.2014, 12:45

Maybe make it a ex-tourist attraction ?
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18.01.2015, 12:17

My favorite location, cause there are not much snipers on it
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19.01.2015, 17:38

The new design of this map is very cool. You improved it a lot.
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19.01.2015, 18:24

I hate this map. Spawnkiller's Paradise.

МУНЕР:My favorite location, cause there are not much snipers on it

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24.01.2015, 03:33

im glad theres more tunnels now then from when i 1st played it.
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20.02.2015, 17:41

too small, too campy, and performance is worse than any other map currently in the rotation (probably due to small map size & the big anomaly area in the middle).
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