Vostok Radar Station

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27.01.2014, 11:41

Nervous Wreck:You know what would be a little freaky is if an old repeating SOS signal got picked up occasionally. It could be like the background noises they had in Stalker.

That indeed would be cool
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13.02.2014, 20:32

Brilliant, one of the best maps so far. It's giving me goosebumps.
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13.02.2014, 21:02

Military base ftw. :D
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09.03.2014, 05:19

Grunt:Can we expect some big bad mutants in that area?

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11.03.2014, 14:56


There's no need to post a comment if you don't have anything usefull to say.
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14.03.2014, 08:00

Maybe they can add a seedbank? Like that in norvegia. A big bunker under ground and in it everything is messed up.
The seed are grown up and there should be main room with trees and lians.
And you can hear also the evacuation alarm in the background ...
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14.03.2014, 16:56

Very gloomy looking, gonna be fun to explore.
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26.04.2014, 07:06

Looks fun. Maybe in the hurry to evcuate the soldiers left some good loot.
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28.04.2014, 19:29

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05.05.2014, 23:25

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08.05.2014, 14:04

I want to play this game!!!!!
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08.07.2014, 01:25

So far I am very pleased with the maps available, they're varied and very creative. Hence the apocalyptic setting, firefights in ruined areas are tense and satisfying when things go right. Just one question, I noticed the lighting is... perhaps a little off. Doesn't it look a little too bright? Especially this map. I'm sure this is something that's being worked on anyway, I just wanted to know if it's going to be changed (and since this is an early stage of the game, i'm probably answering my on question here, but still)

Enjoying the game!
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08.07.2014, 20:26

Greetings, Survivor!
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23.07.2014, 02:50

Good zone!!
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24.07.2014, 11:54


the suggestion still stand, a radio station in the vostok station would be awesome, i was simply expressing me wish for that song.
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31.07.2014, 20:43

Nice place
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03.09.2014, 10:30

I havent play this map in ages, is it disabled or what? Thanks, i miss it.
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06.09.2014, 09:23

where this map ?
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08.09.2014, 11:20

parazsogang wrote:where this map ?

temporarily removed from the game. It will be back with the next update
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31.10.2014, 12:44

Good place for PvP
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