This is the place to discuss the game locations, as they are known to the current Survivors.

05.04.2014, 11:41

nice good job :)
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10.04.2014, 04:32

This is what make some atmosphere on the game that u know that people actually live and die on that place be the handd of the Forest i mean branch xD makes the map a bit more dark and i dont know give it more background
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10.04.2014, 18:17

eXtremous:School was a nice place... It wasn't...

I know that feel bro. I know that feel.

Anyways, location looks great, and (Countdown to "DONT COMPARE IT TO THAT GAME" and "U PLAY THAT GAME LOL U PLAY DUMB GAMES" posts) reminds me of the school from MW2, in a way.
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11.04.2014, 15:03

Nice will again return to the school yard: D like the good old days.
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13.04.2014, 04:51

theumetal:school is a good place XD

a school would be a great place
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26.04.2014, 07:02

"appeared rare anomalies bearing artifacts which could be used to produce medical preparations getting semi-dead people back to life"

I woulden't mind exploring the school and finding those artifacts.
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27.04.2014, 18:40

School cool :D
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28.04.2014, 19:28

this map is good I want to try it
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14.05.2014, 14:54

nice ; 3
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02.06.2014, 15:57

Cool :)
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02.06.2014, 22:29

omg thats cool ;)
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08.06.2014, 14:28

nice work it look good. it wood be cool to see more schools like high schools and army schools or {boot camps} and college with campus.
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31.07.2014, 20:49

more dirt please :)
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30.10.2014, 12:07

Would be useful, math class would be my bunker for sure !
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12.11.2014, 19:41

eXtremous:School was a nice place... It wasn't...

Why are you guys talking about school xD
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03.12.2014, 15:39

Why are you guys talking about school xD

U just don't know! :D
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09.04.2015, 13:48

Thats nice place :)

No in real life, but in Survarium
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12.04.2015, 21:36

New spawns outside of main spawn buildings throw you into the line of fire.
Edit: *sniper fire. The map might not be big enough for alternate spawns. Still it would be nice if they added a few line of sight breaking props for cover( Right now spawning outside could be an instant death sentence, which feels even more unfair in Team Death Match than being locked in spawn).
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10.05.2015, 17:13

The best map of survarium or S.T.A.L.K.E.R ONLINE i think .. A great job , really nice.
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09.01.2017, 04:01

Woah have you guys been to the third-floor theater? It is soooo cool! I just decided to wander around up there during a TDM and those glowing tree-things were awesome.
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