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16.06.2018, 17:45

I'd like to suggest/request more interesting shop offers instead of seeing the same ones that come each weekend for years now. Put sale ingame on parts of premium equipment instead of the whole set only? If i want to buy t5 bison mask or some small part, if there is a sale i might buy more parts than just one. For parts it would be a nice idea to have "the more you buy the more you save", so if you want to buy some gear parts or guns or whatever, if your total amount passes 5€ or 10€ or 20€, the more you will save from the default price, which gets us to spend more too.

Some shop offers gets you gold + silver/premium when you buy, but most veteran players have lots of silver like i also do, more offers where you get gold with some useful combination? Gold + gear or gold + spare parts? There isnt much interest from many, judging by forum and community to get premium appart from spare parts and experience since many are over level 100 and maxed the factions. Make premium more worth buying for veterans, let us get modules for losses, make premium give us higher chance of upgrading gear/weapon success, or even more spare parts/experience.

More cosmetic items that have no pay to win aspects, or the same as premium gear has, module packs that lets you save money instead of buying all moduels separately in store. Things you can only get buy buying that aren't game changing/dividing the community. For exampleSkins/colors/tints for weapons and gear. Could also be cosmetic smoke grenades that have other colors than the default grey or perhaps radiated/damaged/destroyed gear variants with other looks.

You did a great job when it comes to league awards, this gives players incentive to play, these are really something i like to play towards, even though i get about 300-400 league points for each league i will get the items i want after a few months! And you cannot get these items in other ways, we need more cosmetic shop items to make our characters stand out, customizing them!

Any more suggestions? If you dont buy stuff in shop, what kind of offers do you want to see, what offers would make you support Survarium?
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16.06.2018, 18:58

They can't even be bothered lowering/changing prices for this weekend's "scavenger sale" so what makes you think they will do anything more?

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