FAQ: Founder Packs - Your Questions - (updated 20/01/2014)

This is the section to discuss the in-game shop purchases, the payment methods, as well as technical questions related to the shop.

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1. Q: What is the goal of launching "The Founder Packs"? Because the developers have repeatedly talked about a democratic approach to monetization, but now you are asking for money and even before the game is released!

Answer: “The Founder Packs” Are an opportunity for everyone (You do not have to make a purchase) to help the project at the design stage to ensure that the game can be released earlier and of course continually get better. It is with this purpose, we started this campaign. And that's why those players who decide to support the project will have the status of official "founders” We have tried to include in each of the packs of good set of items, including not only the virtual (as in most other games), but also physical objects. For example, the status of the founder of the forum, as well as these signs (decals) for the character in the game, as well as a metal shield will be unique - they cannot be purchased in the future. Thus, “The Founder Packs " should be regarded as a pre-order of the game in different variations.

2. Q: How long will the packs be available?

Answer: We have not yet set a date for the end of the sale. Our plan is that the packs will be available for at least two months. All sales will be completed and finalized before the transition into Open-Beta.

3. Q: If I bought one pack, and then decided to take another – a more expensive one, is this a possible option?

Answer: There are no restrictions on the number of packs one can purchase. If you decide to buy a few, all the items will be included.

4. Q: If I bought one pack, and then decided to take another – a more expensive one, will I be upgraded or pay full price?
Answer: Alas one cannot “upgrade” the packs.. Each new pack is purchased at full price.

5. Q: I purchased a Founder Pack, how do I get into the game?

Answer: An email with instructions on how to install the game should be sent to you automatically, specified during registration. If for some reason the letter did not reach you, login to your account on the site and go to the Beta Test Lottery page to get all the necessary information.

6. Q: I purchased a set of packs / Veteran / Masters / Legendary how to get the code to invite my friends?

Answer: Go to your profile on the forum, click the Founder Packs tab. All the available codes for inviting friends are in this section; Forward the to a friend code in any convenient way for you. The Code is activated via Promo Codes tab in the Profile on the forum. Each code is unique and can only be activated once.

7. Q: Where can I find information about the bonuses I received after buying the set and when they will be available?

Answer: Details of all received bonuses should come to you by email immediately after purchase. You can also find this information in your profile on the game forum under the Founder Packs section.

8. Q: How will my premium account be activated and the in- game currency added to my account?

Answer: Premium and game currency will be available immediately after adding this functionality in the game (it is planned to start OBT). To activate the premium account, the player will be given a special promo code. Activating a premium account can be done at the player’s discretion, when you see fit. Regarding the in-game premium currency, it will be credited immediately after the appearance of such currency in the game. Deciding when to start spending it remains up to the player.

9. Q: What does it mean “the estimated value is $20” on the button with the price of the pack?
Answer: Estimated value is based on the premise that if you were to purchase each of the items separately, they would then cost that amount.

10. Q: Will you change the “founder titles” on the forum?
Answer: We have no plans at the moment to change them. In the future we plan to add the possibility for the user to toggle them on/off.

11. Q: Why can I not get the title of “Veteran” or “Legend” in the game for performing specific tasks?
Answer: These titles have been designed specifically for the forum as a bonus for the “Founders”.

12. Q: The name “Survivor” in theory fits all players.
Answer: Frankly we spent a long time deciding the names for the forum. There were other options like “copper”, “Bronze” etc but ultimately the game titles were chosen as they fit better with the world of Survarium.

13. Q: After buying a Founder Pack my character received only 300 Golden Rubles. Why only 300 when the description of the pack said 1000?
Answer: The Golden Rubles were credited to your account in error. It will only appear again once the functionality has been added to the game.

14. Q: Where should I send my home address for the delivery of the physical items that come with the Founder Packs?
Answer: You must include your postal address in your Forum Profile; under the “Founder Packs” section. This must be done by those who purchased physical items.
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