Solo la Élite prevalece! [Spanish Clan]

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17.05.2015, 14:30

Hola buenas me gustaría entrar en el clan si aún hay sitio claro.

En el Juego podéis encontrarme como Ludka


Hi, I would go into the clan if there is a slot for me

Into the game you can find me as Ludka

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21.08.2015, 18:16

Hi my ID is robebugaty, i'm spanish.

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25.12.2015, 21:55

much needed is a server for the Latin world

muy necesario es un servidor para el mundo latino

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03.06.2016, 17:34

Hey worup people? I'd like to enter this clan! I'm searching for spanish people and I find some, some times, but they never play.

I'm level 16 and league level 7 almost 6.

My name in the game is LiinkPK. Cheers! :3

Edit: Sí, soy español.
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19.06.2017, 00:41

Hi, you still playing? i add you in the game, am.. i want to join in your clan, actually im in a german clan, its fine, the members are friendly, but... the language is the problem =/
Im lvl 43, i play from steam, so... this isn't my nick, in game im "17Sarka"
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