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15.03.2018, 00:36

[Picus] Пикус is a clan founded on February 13, 2018 by a player under the nickname Кустарница (ODESSAmamaUA).

The symbol of the clan is Picus (Green Woodpecker).
* According to Roman mythology, Picus is the god of fields and forests, to whom the gift of prophecy was attributed.

Emblem: ... aed4a21583 ... _vz7M8.jpg ... n-5V8I.jpg
*In developing

The main goal of the activity of the Пикус clan is the development of the scout movement in the SURVARIUM game.

Пикус Clan member can be any player, ready to observe Scout rules:

Scout comply with the user agreement of the game.
Scout is loyal to the game.
Scout is honest and truthful.
Scout helps others.
Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout.
Scout is polite and helpful.
Scout respects someone else's opinion.
Scout is clean in thought, word, deeds, body and soul.
Scout is hardworking and persistent.
Scout is merry and never falls in spirit.
Scout is modest.

Our clan is at
On entry questions write to any of the social networks:

P.S. My English is very bad. I'm sorry for the mistakes .

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