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20.11.2017, 14:42

Hi! My name is Fenkzir and I'm the leader of the clan named "Anomaly"

Our clan has been around for about 3 years, and we've had players who were new and players who are veteran players and play competetively. We've had many people come and go, and we're doing our best ro improve on to give people a good reason to stay.

Our clan is looking for new active members to socialize with and squad up with, do dailies and so on. We are a casuel Clan looking for some people who wanna join in on the fun and adventures.

We welcome just about anyone in the clan. Except hackers and people with bad attitudes.

The goal with the clan is that in the furture we would like to focus on the FREEPLAY mode.
I guess you could say this clan has plans of becomming a PVE/Co-oP orianted clan.

Requirements of joining:

1. Friendly and understanding.

2. No Hacks - If we find out you're hacking or using other programs to cheat in the game it will get reported and you'll be kicked.

3. Have a Discord.

4. Play the game actively - Don't worry, you can be offline for 3 months and you probably still be in the clan, but we prefer to see you online every so often.

5. Speak English - The Clan will most likely have many diffrent nationalities, and no one is being left out of the fun.

The Clan aims to have poeple from the EU region and of at least T3, so that mostly all members will be playing at the same time. Or at least similiar times. But we're a flexible clan, so we can make exceptions.

If you're still interested in joining, then you can get in contact with us by contacting these(In-game names)


Good Hunting Stalkers
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20.11.2017, 16:47

Hi, I'm looking for a clan just for some fun and some friends to play with. If you like you can add me, I've already sent a frient request to you.
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