Rats With Rifles (International clan) recruiting

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09.07.2017, 16:32

Hi everyone, we are a international clan, playing every day just for fun, but trying to get better.

-No lvl requirement
-No age requirement
-Optional Skype

If you want to join, add me in the game as "17Sarka" or comment on this post.
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10.09.2017, 13:42

Hello! I'd like to join your clan.
I'm 21 y/o, 21 level, currently playing on the 2nd tier. Usually my K/D ratio is not bad.
I can't say I play very frequently, but I really want to join an international clan to play with English speakers and practice my English :)
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17.09.2017, 11:01

ill add u up ... 17 ... :D
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22.09.2017, 13:46

I would like to join your clan to practise playing in squads, and have some fun in game with clan-friends. I'm almost 27 y/o, and I'm playing every day usually before midday. At this moment I've started playing at T4. Contact with me via Skype or Team Speak 3 is available.
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