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25.11.2014, 16:27

A lot of ppl reached max level at each fraction and those points after match as a reward are totally useless now.
You guys should make something for everyone who maxed all fractions to encourage players to play.

1. "special missions" - for example 1 additional quest that would be very difficult to complete. And as a reward you can gain vip coupon, gold, repair kit and (new!) coupon for 100% chance to upgrade item or something else which is valuable at high levels.

2. "fraction shop" - where players can buy unique decals, camouflage and (new!) skins for weapons or something else which is valuable at high levels. Currency would be a fraction points that you collect after finished match.

greet ;)

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26.11.2014, 21:20

I like the idea of the second option. Because at the moment there aren't any incentive to play a faction that you've completed!
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27.11.2014, 19:42

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