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24.11.2014, 15:34

So the main idea is to create a "temporary" group for those, who would like to make more money but doesn't like to be a member of a clan.

!!!Remember, this is JUST a bunch of ideas to see if the community (and VG) likes it (or not)!!!

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The Freelancer (FRC?) or Hired Guns (HGZ?) guild would have strict rules and regulations.

1. Being a member of the guild
a. - When you join, you must/should stay as a member at LEAST 3 days (or more) and you must have at least 20000 (or more) silver on your account.
b. - If you leave the guild (after 3 days) to join one of the factions (BM, SCV, RA etc.) you CAN'T join again for 2 weeks.
c. - You have to pay 3000 silver/day to the guild, no matter if you play or not it would be deducted.
d. - As a member if you play ALONE (in a NON HIRED state) you get less XP and money than the normal players.
Like 50% less xp and 30% less money same price for the repair, ammo and other stuff (grenades, traps, boosters, etc).
e. - The guild would have it's own rank list (and player stats as a guild member) to show how experienced the player.
f. - Clans could search for Freelancers by rank and approach them directly (private message) OR advertise on a message board (maybe a special button in the LOBBY?) if they are looking for a hired gun. The message would contain when and how long they need a mercenary and the clan could pick the best candidate.

2. Playing as a guild member (in a match) WITH the clan member
a. - If a clan hires you, you'll get the same post-match money (depending on your efforts) , less xp (-90%), lower repair cost (-50%) and you will get a special "guild xp" to build up your reputation.
b. - The CLAN MUST pay a "SERVICE FEE" after each match BUT that depends on the "guild rank" of the player.
It means you get the "service fee" + the reward of the match depending on your efforts (kills, found batteries etc.)
c. - You could buy special camos, patches, guns with bigger magazines, gears with more ammo slots BUT these stuff could be use ONLY when you are HIRED and you are in a SQUAD with the clan members. If you leave the guild all of these would be in a non-accessible state BUT not lost.
d. - IF you are not useful for the hiring clan (no kills, no found batteries, no kills in the home base zone = defending etc.) your "guild reputation" can go lower match by match (less "service fee")!

3. Price list/costs as a MEMBER of the guild
a. - Being a member: 3000 silver/day (it could depend on your rank in the guild)
b. - Leaving the guild BEFORE the minimum time expires: 3000 silver
c. - If you LEAVE the hiring CLAN before the minimum time passes (3 days) you gotta pay 3000 silver to the CLAN.

4. Price list/costs for the CLAN:
a. - direct message from a clan to a freelancer: 0 silver BUT after a certain rank it would cost 100 silver (this money should go to the freelancer no matter what happens OR to avoid too much money transfer it could go to the SHOP)
b. - hiring message on the message board - 1 day: 500 silver, 3 days: 1000 silver, 1 week: 3000 silver
OFC the "working for the Clan" can start later (1 week max?) after the message expires.
c. - "service fee" after each match: 300 - 1000 silver (or more?)
d. - not giving at least 3 matches to the freelancer in a day the clan should pay 3000 silver penalty/day to the SHOP.
e. - the CLAN can KICK the freelancer if his effort are below the minimum: for example 10 kills/day, 5 batteries found/day. BUT if the clan kicks the freelancer despite his good efforts the clan must pay "step-down money" to the freelancer: 3000 silver

5. Guild ranks:
Wolf Cub
Cannon Fodder
Hired Gun
Head hunter
First in Combat
Meat Grinder
Lord of War

So that's it for now. Do not forget, this is just a core-idea with lots of questions.
The most important is: will the COMMUNITY like it and will Vostok Games implement this idea?

So plz leave your comments:
+1 if you like the MAIN idea
-1 if you don't like it at all (no hard feelings)
+0.5 if you like it BUT you got something to say:)
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24.11.2014, 19:21

"Is there a need for it?"

is the question I would be asking myself.

I don't really think recruiting is all that hard for clans, and rarely have I witnessed clans use mercenaries that they've never met. With so much complexity to this, I can see clans never using this because of the expenses and annoyances. There seems to be waaaaaaaaaay too much structure to this "faction", you're making it sound like some sort of RP-group. Sorry, but IMO this is completely and utterly unnecessary.

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25.11.2014, 23:34

Really good idea! I support this.
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29.11.2014, 11:17

Thanks for the feedback guys.
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04.01.2015, 19:11

athee76_HUN:Thanks for the feedback guys.

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07.01.2015, 17:47

+1 Good idea
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08.01.2015, 20:42

+1 Nice idea.
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