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14.01.2017, 13:37

if Пейн is clean, everyone is clean :)
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14.01.2017, 13:55

Drexler53:if Пейн is clean, everyone is clean :)

Thats just a guy stat boosting in t1 all day. Theres nothing else to it.

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19.01.2017, 06:36

I can't watch replays in Win 10 and replayer 3.9. How this player tanked me 3 times barret shots?
[URAN] tolstiy111
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19.01.2017, 08:30

replay OK. uran no hack.

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19.01.2017, 16:52


Thats just a guy stat boosting in t1 all day. Theres nothing else to it.

Let me remind you this:
He`s cleaner than a virgin`s tear.
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20.01.2017, 04:55

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25.01.2017, 22:52

I want you to inspect this match:

We were something like 30-7 on lead, then connections started cutting off on our side. They came back eventually with delay 200-500 and cut off again. In the end F.EX I got negative income because server told me to been inactive over 5min.
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10.02.2017, 22:09

please look at this guy


match id: 7213985

overall bad play, knows where you are

conclusion WH/fishy

please confirm!
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13.02.2017, 09:33

Another one to look at :)

Match ID : 7241029
Player : -Бендер Сгибатель-
Time : 14:07

He has a lot of fishy moments, but this is the best.
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10.03.2017, 04:12 recoil and wallhack/esp... How is this even possible???

Everol...with his 4x scope on recoil, esp...

Am I kidding???

Please watch the match having id 7510931 7511026 for Alces and 7511026 7510846 for Everol.

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07.04.2017, 00:17

I would like to understand it gives the player [S-DOG] ilsador this game Tarakanovsky Fort - [S-DOG] ilsador - Veresk - Match ID: 7778788 and will invite you to look at all ..... I'm sure is a cheater ..... I have never seen a persoano to run it at the speed that you fail to see it only if you are struck in the replay .... looks like he runs into walls and shoot the walls without see anyone when finish shot to kill an enemy but the game does announces ..... Vision Replay and answer because there is a bug graphics .... expect an answer .... hope as soon ... I want to say that not a single moment of the game makes use of can he cheat ...... whole game did the same
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16.05.2018, 13:48
@ 4:45
[SÓNNĘN] Псевдо (his point of view)

Follows me in a 'Z' shape up the stairs at C while my speed 'spring artifact' is active

I realize BattlEye isn't perfect. But can anyone verify this player as being legit?
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