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25.07.2015, 19:18

Since the question became THIS important...

The results you can see here viewtopic.php?p=189880#p189880

Thank you very much for your help!
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25.07.2015, 19:22

1. a)
2. b)
3. d)
4. b)
5. b) or c)
6. definitely a) I dont like the new ones. At least not the design, the mechanic yes.
7. In terms of shooters? Hmm...Black Ops 1 and 2, BF3 + BF4, Combat Arms, Crossfire and so on.

By the way nice thread I like the idea
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25.07.2015, 19:41

1. c) (I think,not sure)
2. a)
3. b)
4. b)
5. b) or d)
6. b)
7. From shooters I played COD from start to MW2,all stalkers CS from 1.3 to Source,TF2.From rest I played pretty much all driving games,most of Warhammer 40k,Warcraft III+FT,DMC from 3 up to newest version and many many more.
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25.07.2015, 19:57

7.From post-apo games:
STALKER series, Metro series, Fallout series (every game in all series)
From shooters:
Some Call of Duty and Battlefield games, Operation Flashpoint and some other games
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25.07.2015, 22:58

1. a)
2. b)
3. e)
4. c)
5. temporary effect that heals after some time when you leave the anomaly (good for newbies) and doesn't stay until you die unless you heal yourself.
6. c)
7. Way too many to name them all: (doesn't show correct Survarium hours because they added it to raptr just a few months ago).
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25.07.2015, 23:35

1. b)
2. a)
3. e) and f)
4. b)
5. d)
6. c)
7. I didnt play much games (especially not much online games), but I can name some here: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, War Thunder

some Need for Speed, DiRT, Alien: Isolation (I dont like jumpscaring horror games, but the ones with great atmosphere and good horror feel), Stalker series, Assassins Creed series (not only Black Flag and Unity) etc.

some older games like: Hidden and Dangerous 1 and 2, Call of Duty 1 and 2, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, old Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, Wolfensten 2009, Return to Castle Wolfenstein etc.
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25.07.2015, 23:57


7. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Franchise, Rust, Call of Duty 2 to Black Ops 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 to BF4, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Garry's Mod.

By the way, you forgot the anomaly in the upper floor in school it took me quite a while to understand that gasmasks didn't protect you from it when it was first implemented.
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26.07.2015, 00:05

By the way, you forgot the anomaly in the upper floor in school.

Now I see it too. Yes, he forgot that :D

Николь Робин, you should edit your topic.
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26.07.2015, 00:13

Николь Робин:
I'm sorry. Done.

Thanks. :)
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26.07.2015, 01:02

1. c) (not sure)
2. b)
3. c)
4. c)
5. b) or c)
6. a)

7. FPS I've played, COD to Black Ops 2, Stalker: SOC, Ghost Recon:AW, Halo Trilogy, AVP series, Killing floor, BF3 & BF4, Metro series, Area 51, Just Cause 2, Left4Dead series, Crysis 1&2, Blacklight Retribution, Crossfire, etc.
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26.07.2015, 01:27

so.... what is this about ? it's about anomalies but yeah.. not.

1 b
2 a*
3 k*
4 b
5 e - depending on equipment (Isolation %) "d" to "a"
6 c
7 competitive FPS ? none. PS3 Battlefield - years ago. Random AAA and Indie titles.

*The whole anomaly stuff is pretty straight forward, the bad part was to find out where they are.
Other than that, they hurt you so stay the f...k away from them.
"The worst or the hardest" is not a thing. (for me...)
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26.07.2015, 02:03

Interesting topic. I kinda don`t like the current anomalies (at least not their visuals) so I`m interested in a change.

1. d) (not sure)
2. a) (take note, these were "new" anomalies, so you don`t really need special equipment for them)
3. k)
4. c) (I guess)
5. d)
6. c)

Loads of games. All genres. I think I played WoT the most, followed by Shadowbane, followed by earlier Total War series.
From FPS, WoT (if you count it as FPS), Battlefield P4F, early CoD games (1&2). Again, bunch of other shooters as well (starting from the original Wolfenstein, lol), but not for prolonged periods of time.
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26.07.2015, 03:35

4d) create effects that are sensitive to the form of anomaly (gas anomaly = color of screen, heat anomaly = thermometer, radiation anomaly = grey screen with geiger counter hearable)
5e) Split anomaly effect based on the type of anomaly gas anomaly = using antitoxin leads to normal screen, heat anomaly = normal screen after passing it, radiation anomaly = normal screen after passing it
7 dude srsly? I play games since Commander Keen! But what might be interesting the most: Codename Outbreak, all games from Stalker franchise, all games from Metro franchise + CS 1.6 + CS GO + Insurgency + CoD 2 semi competetive
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26.07.2015, 10:59

1. b)
2. b)
3. k)
4. b)
5. e): b) and d) both are good choices for me can't chose one or suggest something else right now.
6. c)

7. Which games did you play before Survarium? (just name it)
CoD(lots), Battlefield(lots), CS(every single one), WoT, TF2, Fallout series, KF, Borderlands 1 and 2, Half-life's, L4D 1 and 2, Sniper Elite V2, MNC, Stalker's, Red Orchestra, Medal of honar, Arma's, SW Battlefront 1 and 2, SW: Republic Commando. Well I think that's enough for FPS'ish genres.
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26.07.2015, 23:36

I think more players should participate in this topic...
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27.07.2015, 02:39

1) a.
2) b.
3) k.
4) b.
5) b.
6) c.
7) To many to list. Starting from the Atari 2600. Mostly only play PC games now though, but I've had an Xbox and Xbox360 to.

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27.07.2015, 06:50

- STALKER series
- Fallout series
- Metro series
- CoD series
- Thief series
- The Elder Scrolls series
- BF series
- MoH series
- (and many more)
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27.07.2015, 08:27

1) a
2) a
3) k
4) b
5) d
6) c
7) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (complete 2009/2013), Metro, Nether
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27.07.2015, 08:36

1) a
2) b
3) b
4) a
5) d
6) a
7) Too many to write it here. Mainly fps (CoD's, BF's, Far cry 2,3,4; Metro) and RPG's (Fallout 3, NV; The Witcher 1,2,3; Dragon Age)
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27.07.2015, 08:44

1) a
2) a
3) k
4) b
5) b
6) a
7) Stalker
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