V0.26i files

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03.03.2015, 04:24

Hi guys !
Does anyone have saved the v0.26i files and could share them please ? I need it to work on some replays and I forgot to make a copy :/
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03.03.2015, 04:38

Might be a PITA, but windows usually makes a restore point anytime you install a game, and maybe update. Or even finding one from a few days ago if set to make one periodically.

I'd look, I'm in same boat:) I didn't think 0.27 would come to main so fast, so put off making my copy too.

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03.03.2015, 05:03

i have a copy, 3.5GB though....let me know if you have some webspace etc i can upload to, if not i'll put it on my server or something when I get some time tomoz

edit: i stuck it on google docs, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_SJ67 ... sp=sharing
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