POLL - Choose the weapon for the next game event!

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Choose the weapon for the next game event

Poll runs till 16.06.2021, 19:05

7% (13)
MSBS Radon
39% (72)
OTs-14 "Groza"
5% (10)
AEK-919 Kasthan
1% (2)
1% (1)
3% (6)
4% (8)
3% (6)
H&K G3SG/1
5% (9)
2% (3)
Colt M1911
1% (1)
Colt Python
28% (51)
PM (Makarov Pistol)
No votes
No votes
Yarigin Pistol
No votes
2% (3)
Total votes : 185

09.06.2021, 19:05

Hello everyone! This time, we want the community to vote for the choice of a new weapon for the next game event, "Summer Heat 2021" in Survarium!

The poll features weapons that do not yet have an event camouflage.

Voting will last 7 days until June 16, 2021!

Cast your votes and this weapon will receive a unique event camouflage!
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09.06.2021, 20:13

I hope Radon get's a skin finally! You ppl in Survarium should build a market system for skins that would be insane!

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10.06.2021, 13:21

Would love a LMG in the event..they so rare und very underrated... but I guess its not going to happen :(

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10.06.2021, 15:17

hello boyz

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11.06.2021, 11:02

Hi, please update the game so that there are more attachments for weapons including barrel, mag, stock, scope, grip, options for all weapons. I would really like to put a mini scope on the Colt Python, it might suck but that is the player's choice. Or like a drum mag on most weapons (Uzi). You can even make it so that you should obtain it through ranked points or something.

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11.06.2021, 21:46

Update the gameee­

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12.06.2021, 05:24

MSBS Radon wins right now and it's understandable as most players use assault rifles. However, Colt Python is a nice but underrated pistol. If both of these weapons would get an event skin, it would be great.
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