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02.05.2021, 17:10

Since I have a loot of free time lately I been checking who is streamig Survarium on twitch. From time to time I see new players and I stay and watch stream and then this happend over and over again:
- New player finish tutorial (some just skip it). he set up character, and then he invite his friend/s to play in squad. They are in squad and then lobby leader switch to Team Mission. AND THEN THEY CAN'T GO BACK TO NORAMAL PVP LOBBY! They play PVE and die, and they got back to lobby and they play it again because they are stuck in PVE/ Team Mission lobby and there is no option to go back to normal PVP lobby (only way to disband squad, but they don't know because they are playing first time), they play PVE again and die and then they just uninstall game. Just fix that, I will not call it bug, I will call it BS.
- I would like to suggest something that I think it would be fair and would keep new players:
If new player/ players gets in PVP match then they will face players that already have t3, 4, 5 gear and weapons with attachments. So I think it would be fair that they recive T3 full non premium set (I think t3 and sets are good enough) depending what faction they joined it, with max modifiers (running speed, armor, and HP regeneration, you know all good one's on gloves, boots too, etc) and they should recive at least APS pistol and one T3 rifle both with all good modifiers and all red attachments instaled.

I really don't know who's job in VG is to think about how to get more players (more players= more money) but that dude is doing it bad, or should I say he is not doing it at all. There are many examples where I and some other people offered help and good suggestions but you just skip it. Few times already popular streamers were streaming you game and you could ez use that to expand player base. Right now, 2 streamers are streaming, not so big as one's before and I'm sure you remember who was back then, but still try to use that.
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