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16.03.2021, 09:27

Hello, can you please add FN FAL, G3 and M14? I think this game really lacks full auto battle rifles.

Make them have high recoil so that at 15-20 meters range you have to use semi auto, and battle rifle start loosing to proper semi auto rifles at medium and long distances.

Make them have higher damage, right now M4A1 kills with 6 hits in torso mostly, 4 in light armor I think. Make battle rifles kill in 3 hits light armor and 4 in heavy.

M4A1 has 800 firerate, so it's roughly 0.45 seconds to kill.

Let's say FAL has 650 RPM, that'll be 0.36 seconds to kill. However that would be an advantage only at close distance, because of higher recoil.

Another disadvantage would be lower total ammo count, right now assault rifle has 120 ammo total, while battle rifles should have 20 in mag, 60 in reserve.

Higher slowdown, smaller stopping power, slower reload.

As for M14 having 800 RPM firerate, even with same recoil as G3 and FAL it would be very unusable in full auto at anything that isn't very close ranges because of higher firerate with high recoil.

P.S. if you decide to add G3, pls add it with triangular foregrip like here http://www.military-today.com/firearms/hk_g3.jpg (the only reason why I don't use MP5 in survarium cause of old type of foregrip, just isn't aesthetically pleasing for me)

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16.03.2021, 21:17

Let me redirect you to a 135 pages post on the forum of people suggesting weapons:
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