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22.11.2020, 00:11

Well, I saw the selection of weapons, and i know its constantly expanding. Great work on the weapons to the devs by the way. Keep it up!

I thought of a few i might like to see in the future and some little bits on them. All guns here and their quirks/features i list are real.

PP-19 Bizon. (smg) Well, its a game heavily featuring Russian weapons. So the PP-19 Bizon, a unique Russian smg with a iconic 64 round tube magazine would be a good fit.

AEK-971. (assault rifle) Because I saw it on another post an it looks awesome (don't know if its already in)

AN-94. (assault rifle) Another unique Russian weapon. Its fires at 600rpm on full auto, or (its unique feature) a two ronud burst at 1800 rpm.

FN FAL. (carbine) "The right arm of the free world" is its nickname. Its the NATO equivalent to the AKM, and plenty surplus are still in circulation.

FN five seven. (handgun) Would be nice to add some more handgun options. FN five seven is a bit unique as, like the p-90, it fires the same bullet that is essentially a miniature rifle round, giving it better projectile velocity, range, and armor penetration.

M-16 A2/A3. (assault rifle) Thought this would be nice to add as an upgrade to the M-4 in terms of accuracy and range. Other interesting mechanic is that the M-16 A2 and A3 are the same gun, but with a swapped firing group. This would allow an in game implementation to create one model, but two guns. A2 fires semi and 3-round burst. The A3 takes a different trigger group to make it fire full auto and semi. (firing group would be an attachment that would change firing modes. like the glock 17 currently does.) would be labeled as the A2 in game though as the A3 is officially just a modded A2.

Steyr Aug. (assault rifle) Austrian bullpup rifle. I just like bullpups.

HK G-36. (assault rifle) Iconic German assault rifle. Almost a sin to forget about it.

HK MK-23 SOCOM (hand gun) special forces handgun firing high velocity .45 super. Comes with a 12 round mag.

AK-15 (assault rifle) This one is kinda hit or miss. The AK-15 is literally an AK-12, but chambered in 7.62x39mm instead of the 12's 5.45x39 mm round. Don't know if it deserves to be included, but might be cool to see as a caliber conversion mod added to the AK-12's kit.

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26.11.2020, 23:47

There's a post about this with 135 pages of people's ideas.

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