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08.11.2020, 07:58

Good morning today at 3:00 GMT I was in a room and I came across these guys
[emersondasilva] And your other friend > [kobra_007ninja Came with various offenses cursing me cursing my mother cursing my father I didn't want to listen in silence And I revolted
I have three years of play and everyone knows me I never threatened and offended anyone in this game
I am not the first victim to be offended by that person I never went through this, I hope you take Providence

This is the match ID15603065 unable to download

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08.11.2020, 19:02

I have checked the match chat logs and only one guy spoke to say something not related to this. If you're reporting these players for insults by using voice chat then we cannot take action against them because there are no logs of this and players can't get banned from voice chat anyway. Please use the voice/text chat menu in the match the next time (press Enter and a blue menu appears to the left) if you find annoying players.
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