When 0.65?

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26.10.2020, 16:23

Is it gonna release this weekend or end of next month?

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27.10.2020, 08:46

VG started testing RC yesterday (which mean they think everything is ready for the patch). I guess they won't confirm a date before finishing tests but whithout unpleasant surprise we should have the patch in the coming days. Usually devs don't like to patch on friday, so I bet for a release thursday morning, maybe wednesday.
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27.10.2020, 17:41

If u are familiar with this game they usually release broken mess on friday and we may get 1 hotfix then we wait whole weekend to get "playable" version on monday.

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27.10.2020, 17:48

i guess tomorrow ;)
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27.10.2020, 19:05

The update will be installed tomorrow. You can check the patch notes and discuss them here:

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