Team kill ban.

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03.07.2020, 16:34

Hello guys it's me, macro noob with a4tech macro no recoil mouse, without any grass in game with nvidia inspector, it's me, well it's me biggest cheater. And I got team kill ban. :(
I would not tk if they DON'T sabotage game because there friend play in enemy team, it's vg fault not mine, I tk players that are afk in S&D mode so we don't wait if we all die and afk players stay alive in base. Luckey I have all recorded but who to report? This is common thing for me when I play ,
People offending me, cursing, tk-ing me... "probably because I use cheats" or because they don't like me for some reason like this guy in twitch video.
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04.07.2020, 00:04

git gud
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05.07.2020, 06:18

Oh, that youtube guy is sooo emotional ;). Well, it is difficult to say, who use mouse m**ro or other stuff. But this drama in video is kinda funny..
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