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26.05.2020, 12:46

I noticed a desire to change the whole map. Or dividing it into several parts. It is not necessary. The main object itself is designed very cool. If I wanted to make this map smaller, I would limit it to the main element only. The radar itself is very long anyway. In addition, everyone is running slower now, so moving around such a huge map does not make sense. That's why I've made some screenshots, to describe certain places on the map and argue my idea.

-- First half of the map (From point A) --
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/F0GjSag.jpg

1. This place is recycling from pve mission. Anyway, during the capture of the point I can not hide anywhere. Despite the location on the edge of the map, the roofed building can be bypassed from all sides. Nobody goes there during TDM. The place is very far away from both teams. The place is close to the spawn of one of the teams, so it's not fair in my opinion. Yes, similar situation is also on other maps, but here the opposing team must go through the entire huge map to take over this point and usualy it's impossible to hold it.
2. The static anomaly is cool, but nobody walks this way. No one has to. There is also an exit from the underground, but it also makes no sense, because no one needs to walk this way. If this were the only way to point A (you couldn't go around) it would make sense. But then it would be even worse to reach this point for the opposing team, and nobody wants it.
3. I like this building very much. You can enter it, visit it from the inside and enter the roof. But it has one big minus. Very badly affects the game's balance. It is used only to camp on the opponent's base. It is also difficult to kill such spawn camper, because you can die by mines placed near stairs, and the entrance from the outside is from the base, so it's vary hard to do backdoor.
4. The building is quite well designed, but unfortunately spawn points are not where they should be. Players appear outside the building, making it easy to track them from outside the respawn.
5. I don't know why this place was to be used. There is no need to go back there.
6. On this way, I met other players very often. This shows that players are more likely to walk the roads where you can see more than green bushes and trees. In addition, snipers have a difficult vision on this path.

I tried to describe the problems of this part of the map, and there are quite a lot of them. Now it's time for second one.

-- Second half of the map (From point B) --
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/ZtHaDps.jpg

1. The tower is probably designed to defend the point. Something like this is missing on point C so that the opposing team has a chance to defend a very distant point. The disadvantage of this tower is that there is rather no room for more than one person.
2. Compared to point B, this location has a good fence and a lot of elements of the environment making it more difficult to take over. There is only few ways to cross the fence, so you know where the enemy is coming from. Is it good? Yes, but the fight takes place mainly on the radar, so it doesn't matter.
3. This garage is a converted base, probably from the Vostok Radar map. It is probably only here for decorations. It has no important function. There may be a pickup point here in battery mode, but I've never found a match in this mode on this map (So I'm sorry if I don't have this knowledge).
4. Again, we have a tall building that badly affects the game's balance. When one of the enemies climbs on the roof, he sees the entire respawn.
5. A small building from which you can only exit from one side. If someone from the opposing team is standing next to it, he knows that the enemy can only go out in front of his sight from one side.
6. A large square surrounded by a wall. There are holes in the wall, so it doesn't matter. This in no way protects people who are respawned in this area.
7. A long clear road just like on the other side. Fewer people walk here than on the other side. Why? Because the central part of the road is very exposed and everyone who passes this way is an easy target for a sniper who is sitting on the radar.

-- How to fix all these problems? --

At the time of introducing energy cost, it is not possible to balance this huge map well. In my opinion, all the sides that I mentioned above should be cut off. A wall that currently has many passages would be completely closed or there would be large plants with radiation in these places (just like now at the end of the map). The area that players must move around is too large. I marked the area with red color that would be excluded from the game. The area that would remain is marked in blue.
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/NfbtlsI.jpg

Ok so how I see new position of points on the map? This is my suggestion:
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/TdNXtqk.jpg
It would be almost perfectly balanced, because the points are located almost identical distance from the spawns and from each other (I mean A and C). Point B would be at the very top, but also in the center of the map. Each point can be reached by both the middle and stairs on the sides. It would be a good idea to rearrange the underground in such a way that you can make a small backdoor (just like on the London map).
The batteries could be located in the center of the map. One pickup point upstairs (point b) and another, for example underground. A tree that can be visited from the inside would be a good way to quickly look for batteries at both collection points, by traveling from the ground to the top and conversely.

-- Ok, but what with the rest of the map? --

In my opinion, you can make a nice pve mission from such a large area. There are many interesting places here. Each of them can perform its function as part of the quest that would take place on this area. Avoiding electrical anomalies fits very well with the PvE adventure. The same is a building that can be fully explored. If someone from VG liked my idea, I could write my suggestions how it might look like or how individual locations could be used.

I count on comments and suggestions :)
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26.05.2020, 16:31

Thanks for the detailed suggestions Albi, I've sent them on to the designers.
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26.05.2020, 19:25

+1 ;)
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26.05.2020, 20:03

So I guess that my friend was right after or, like it or not. https://imgur.com/Qwg8OVR ;)
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28.05.2020, 22:03

Pls improve the lighting in this map...too much glare...gives me headaches...
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09.06.2020, 12:16

A new coop map would at least make the online number go up for a while...
Actually constant new coop missions would be the saviour of Survarium.

Not the funny, constant weapon stat changes every fkn patch :-D
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