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23.05.2020, 22:19

im concerned about the future of Varium, because ive allready spend quite alot of blood and time into it.
so here are my new suggestions:

1: free premium for any player until he reached level 40 (extra parts, rep, exp, and most important Profiles)

2: second profile price down to 10.000. so people see that they can reach it in a day or two.

3: in events (faction war, summer heat, xmas, pattys day, halloween, v-day, did i missed one?)
player level 1-40 get MORE rep/symbols/exp whatsoever.

4: raise armor and set-bonus of all t1 t2 and partially t3 armor-sets.

5: give players <40 level a higher chance to upgrade stuff. even 100% chance to success.

or let players <35 level buy new items from shop allready in green or blue or random quality!

and here are the things that greatly benefit new players, but also affect all other players:

PVE - we need back the old rewards and bots, t1-3 stuff. Based on your equipment level.
new players see TONS of videoguides on youtube for pve (thanks to community)
so the t1-t3 armor should also drop quite more frequently then

Trash Hunt - you should cut of 1-2 reward possibilities on each tier
or a better thing: raise the number of free stashmaps per week to 3,4 or 5 and add the number of possible rewards aswell.
raise the droprate of stashmaps in daily or pve in general.
also give players the Pve-token in daily logins, maybe 2-3 a week.

Daily logins - a monthly chart with reward of a unique weapon comeback (colt pistol russian contract it used to be, now this can rotate event-skins maybe)
in a monthly chart you can add all kinds of things. pve-token, league token (10 per week), gold, booster, ammo, spareparts
and even stashmaps. so in fact i need 15 month of daily login to buy me a MINIMI for example. fine.
to reduce stress for players, make the 30day reward-chart last infinite, so you dont actually have to login every day in case of vacation or jail lmao.

9: another idea is a lootbox, which can contain a purple attachment. which you get for monthly login or for gold aswell ofc, if you go this route, i mean idk if you are pro-lootbox-policy or not.

you need more or better advertising, i see the number of daily-logins falling.
but this game is unique, and i probably play it until im blind or the only one left

the daily or monthly should just apply after you played the first match of the day. this will also guarantees players stay
and not just login and quit right after they got their reward
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25.05.2020, 19:02

Won't happen. VG does not know what people want or expect from a game. They only see their vision. I am surprised the game even lives as long as it does.
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