stamina stim

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10.05.2020, 00:17

since we have way more energy cost now, it would be helpful to get a medicine that grants stamina on use.

stamina stim could either increase your stamina recovery rate by 200%,
or give 50% of your maximum stamina instantly.

could also implement an extra talent in survival tree for it, or add its boost to potent painkiller perk
the perk could give an extra +5% per point, or 25% in total stamina recovery rate.

also the Stim could profit of your additional medicine perk, or start with 2 by default.
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12.05.2020, 13:05

Does not big black c i mean black market faction give that?

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14.05.2020, 00:36

it does. but its very low. (30%?) also it does not profit of any skilltree perks.

i often find myself out ouf stamina after sprinting and jumping lately.

also its nice for people who hardscope alot and hold their breath.
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