Crafted attachment values

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02.05.2020, 12:09


So I'm a little confused as to how weapon attachment values are generated when you craft them.

I had the following attachment installed.

The crafting window says I can get better values just by crafting a new one.

I go ahead and craft it, and here's the result.

Huh? The crafting window says the possible values are +3.5% to +2.5% and yet I somehow get +5% which is out of that range? Ok, whatever, I thought it's fine, will use it to upgrade my current modules.

I went to my Socom 16, which had the following optics mounting bracket.

Again, not particularly great value, on the low end. Mostly just want to get cheap attachments to later use for upgrading.
After crafting it, I get this, which is a blue quality.

I thought crafted items always start at green quality?
So what exactly are the values and qualities you can get by crafting modules? There seems to be a lack of transparency as to how the mechanic works.
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02.05.2020, 14:29

I've passed this to support for investigation. Thanks.
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03.05.2020, 07:33

Lead Head:
I thought crafted items always start at green quality?

Crafted modules start at either green, blue or orange qualities.

I think this range of values should be removed completely from crafting screen simply because these ranges depend on the module quality itself, and there is no way to predict what quality you will get before hitting the button...
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10.05.2020, 23:13

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