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10.04.2020, 12:55

Good Morning

I think that vostok games instead of promoting gold equipment every week, I think it would be more interesting to have weapon camouflages introduced every week. Even if these camouflages are the ones that have already been introduced in previous events.

I also think that vostok games should hold more weekend events, such as spare parts for a kill, double exp / rep, faction related events, how many melee / headshots / sniper / shotgun kills in a game ranking event, for thus bringing more players into the game.

The game has a lot of potential and there are few games with the graphic quality and gameplay of Survarium, so congratulations but I think you can improve the aspects mentioned in the previous points.
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10.04.2020, 21:42

im very very happy that you finally decided to share your thoughts and ideas about this game that we love.
for me and because i play every day of week with you, i know that you have a lot of knowledge to share with all of us.
lets hope that this message dont remain forgotten because your sugestions are very good.

p.s. waiting for next post.
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Pedro M Martins
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11.04.2020, 10:44

Don't bother posting your suggestions on a forum which none of the developers read
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