What do Anomalous Force Protein and radios do in game?

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04.01.2020, 04:51

Fifth day of logging in. Is the Common Box.
What do Anomalous Force Protein and radios do in game?
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Timothy Mullenix
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04.01.2020, 05:36

AFP increases maximum stamina by 25%
Radio reduces respawn time by 30%

You can see this in the play menu if you click the boosters at the bottom left of the menu.

Also please consider that you only needed to create one topic for this question. Thanks.
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08.01.2020, 00:02

but what does 30% mean? is it 0.1 second in slaughter? 2 seconds in research? 0 second differences in SaD?
Is it better than for example 10% scope sway? tell us more

Midori Fuse
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11.06.2020, 23:29

well, if your respawn would be 15 seconds by nature, but you equipped the Radio Booster, you will respawn after 10 seconds instead of 15.
for TDM/reserch/Bat this is huge. especially playing ranked.

in slaughter, when you respawn after 6 seconds the impact is just 2 seconds
but still this is a huge difference for a whole match.
lets say you die 20 times in a slaughter, thats a whole 40seconds more playtime.
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