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21.11.2019, 23:34


Some days ago I logged on and noticed I was chat banned.
I don't know why, I probably have swaered a bit too much on the chat (fair enough).
I opened a ticket to the support to ask them the reason aswell as duration, but still got no response.

But I think this king of informations should be displayed ingame, and not require support ticketting

On a second note, chat ban is affecting all channels : public ofc, but also ingame team chat, clan & private messages.
It seems a bit excessive, given I can't reply to someone pm, apologise for a tk or even tel ppl I can't respond.
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22.11.2019, 08:26

I agree. There should be more info about ban.
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22.11.2019, 12:40

Agreed, chatbans should not affect chat with friends, squad or clan.
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22.11.2019, 13:28

Passed on to the devs. Their answer is that it seems like a good idea, but it's not a priority now.
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22.11.2019, 14:13

I agree. If someone is chat banned he should be banned from global chat until he is unbaned, not from PM or clan chat.
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