smoke bug old/new 2.0

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08.08.2019, 20:29

hey guys, i really didnt want to write that post but i have to

patch 0.59

right now when i sit in a smoke to defuse the artifact, or cap a research unit i get killed from outside easyly

in killcam players aim at me quite early even tho i see nothing from my view.

so the bug is reversed now and its not safe to stand inside a smoke hiding anymore.

its supposed to be a melee Duell zone in there, players crouch or run arround to punch each other

but now, you are inside = you are easy to see

also we still after 6 years have that bug when a grenade explodes behind the smoke you see the silhouette of the player inside the smoke

on top of that i have seen couple of examples where players still can sit in "smokes edge" and look outside to see enemys, if they are aware of glitching or not and kill me, moving towards them but not able to see them. example like this happens every couple rating matches.

make smoke server sided

look at other games, they have functioning smokes with less then 50% of playerbase argueing all day if its bugged or good or not.

please fix this.
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