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01.08.2019, 22:12

JoeVG, you started a thread to ban some users upon other's reports. Would there be a way for the banned users to contest the report, especially the context?

Eg. sometimes I'm shooting at enemy and someone from my team literally runs before me and through/into my bullets, thus getting killed. If he takes a screenshot at that moment and "reports" me as TK, I would be screwed although it's very unfair report.

So, would the banned users still be able to post in the forum, contesting the report which got them banned eg. by providing replay/screenshot which proves their version?
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Jano Msik
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01.08.2019, 23:30

All reports are checked by Support to see if it was intentional or not prior to issuing the ban.
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02.08.2019, 01:41

Users cannot discuss bans here in the forum BUT they can absolutely contact support directly if they wish to discuss further.

As Chandrian said, no user is ever banned for accidental friendly fire - support have been dealing with this for over 6 years now and they know what they're doing.
So just as support will determine intention, it is worth noting that you could also be banned for intentionally putting a few rounds into someone just to annoy them.
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05.08.2019, 16:28

You can just report any player for abusive chat and VG will quickly check all your chat logs with CTRL+F for any swear word and ban you instantly.

I'm not saying context matters, and that the profanity filter is there for a reason because that would conflict with the view the devs seem to have.

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