merkgray - 100% hack . he also admit it . if anyone else...

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31.07.2019, 07:11

has played with him , please report .
he made now in game 100 kill no way without "help" .
he also have confidence that no one will do something to him ....why?
i think its not fair for other players not to deal with cheaters and the proof in the replay.
ill try to make video.
but i have a request from other players , if we get out of game with someone like this he cannot play with himself..... i know i not playing with hackers.
good day all.
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31.07.2019, 12:53

Yes he had 100 kills, because you played 2 versus 2 + bots. Bots are dummies. Easy targets.

Otherwise.. 30 headshots for 100 frags on bots it's not good score for a "good" player.
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31.07.2019, 13:32

… ':D ouh man. welcome to survarium community
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31.07.2019, 14:10

You're not a bad player, I've seen you play, Idk why you hackusate so easily...
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31.07.2019, 15:24

Chandrian:You're not a bad player, I've seen you play, Idk why you hackusate so easily...

Because good k/d = cheating... I thought you knew this lol.
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31.07.2019, 16:49

Studies show 80% of all players admit to hacking when accused.
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31.07.2019, 22:47

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