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31.07.2019, 05:29

Has anyone considered making it so that one soldier could not walk thru another. It is irritating when you're firing at a target and one of your team mates or bots walks thru you and gets killed by your firing. "YOU ATTACKED A TEAM MATE!" It of course would mean that one of the characters would have to move out of the way when passing in the halls of the school and other places but it would certainly be a lot more realistic.

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31.07.2019, 10:39

It's more annoying getting caught up on team mates in small hallways or through doorways
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01.08.2019, 22:21

Bots or AFK players often keep "running" into a wall, i.e. staying stationary but moving legs. They're stuck.

If the players got collision detection, these AFKs and Bots would become impassable obstacles.

Plus, from my experience, other players run into your gunfire even from the sides, probably mor often than through you. They just don't look.
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Jano Msik
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02.08.2019, 12:04

Anyone who has played Metro on BF3 knows the frustration of not being able to move through other players.

Survarium method is better.
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07.08.2019, 21:31

If I'm the only one unhappy about it then it's not a problem, just a nuisance to me. Enjoy the game

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07.08.2019, 22:56

I kinda support his idea because of the possibility of boost spots if this were to be implemented. There are also situations where a teamkill happened because your teammate ran through you when you were about to shoot, so this change could prevent such situations... on the other hand, it could force more of these situations because people would block you a lot more.
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08.08.2019, 10:15

causes more problems than solving small ones like accidently teamkilling wich happens only in few %.
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08.08.2019, 10:30

This sort of teamkilling doesn't happen that often to be honest. You just say "sorry" in the chat and carry on.
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08.08.2019, 19:52

The amount of trolling caused by this would be enormous

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21.08.2019, 05:27

return to solid bodies, it like were ghosts or something. not logical.
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21.08.2019, 15:44

can't wait for such patch to happen. currently it seems very immersion-breaking. This game actually feels a lot like fortnite save the world in that way with the fantasy elements, though getting items is more difficult, meanwhile in fortnite you can just buy them at
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