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30.07.2019, 17:49

The purpose of this thread is to provide a central place for users to get in contact with Admins/Mods. Please do not report suspected cheaters here. These need to be reported at

We'll do our best to provide help regarding "smaller" issues, such as:

- Offensive usernames (In-Game) (Please be sure to report the name of the player in this thread).
- Team-killer reports (Please include the match ID, name of the team-killer and timestamps for that match).
- Abusive language (In-Game) (Be sure to post proof, the name of the player and screenshots).
Sometimes replays of previous versions are no longer available for download or view-able after a new Update. To ensure a ban for a team-kill, please provide screenshots.

Correct reports will be passed directly to Support and a ban will be issued (its length will depend on past user ban history, but we will not state here for how long the user has been banned). However, it is also worth using the in-game "Report" feature as this will help accumulate statistics on players and make our job easier.

Please do not:
- Chat in this thread, this is only meant for reporting, no sort of discussion is allowed and any non-report posts will be deleted immediately.

Current active Admin
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Thank you for your help in keeping the game clean!
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Vostok Games
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03.08.2019, 14:25

This guy keeps feeding enemy team on a rating match he kills himself like 40 times to help them screeshot link and details are below

Match ID 13658068
Player name [un1ts] -1991Александр -
SS link
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03.08.2019, 15:05

ÏÑÐÏÀN_ŠNÌPÈR wrote:Player name [un1ts] -1991Александр -

Support says he will be penalized. Thanks for your report.
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05.08.2019, 16:23

I want to report one more that use macro or whatever is this.
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Reason: language
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05.08.2019, 20:56

If this guy does not use mouse maacro for recoil then we are all idiots and we need to learn from this guy how to aim and shoot... Only HIS killcam has a jerking (up and down) movements of a gun when shooting... Just impossible precision with collimator... ...

happy shooter
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11.08.2019, 12:51

Report for feeding on purpose.
This guy ask for squad for daily mission and I added him, then he was feeding on purpose even everyone in team told him not to do that when he saw that he just run in enemy fire.

Just to add, after match he wrote in general chat that he did it on purpose so match finish faster because his mission was only to play. One of admins saw that.
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12.08.2019, 20:53

Player: killmaster (ID:4963917687106204407)

Multiple teamkills and more attempts resulting his own death.

Match ID: 13703377 / School (Day, 2) / TDM

Video link: ...
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