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28.07.2019, 16:46

Can we please once again discuss the spawn system in TDM and Slaughter, and if there aren't better ways to handle it?

The reason why I raise this topic again is that I am extremely annoyed by campers (on almost every map), spawn rapes (especially on Slaugther - School) and the fact that these game modes feel very repetitive. I mean VERY repetitive. You always spawn in the same area, can choose between the ever same ~3 ways of were you go, kill that annoying dude in the ever same bush who is waiting for you, getting killed by the dude in the second ever same spot that you just forgot, aaand repeat.

Yes I claim that this amount of notorious campers we face today is mainly the result of the static spawn system. People know exactly where they need to sit to make an optimal count of kills before they die. It is so predictable. Especially the Slaugther maps like CNPP and Vector are so linear that you basically *can not* flank the enemy or god forbid's sneak behind them. That kinda forces people to camp.

My request: Make the spawn system a bit more dynamic - I better avoid using the word "random", because this kinda seems to trigger the deepest and most elementary fears of certain players. I have to distinct suggestions one for TDM and one for Slaughter:

1.) TDM: A system similar from what we know from the legendary Battlefield games. Why not? Have a well designed portion of check points (like 5 or 7 on Rudnya for example) that can dynamically be conquered by either of the Teams and the functions as a spawn point. This would at least give the player the chance to decide not to spawn at that area which is currently besieged by the enemies - or spawn exactly there to defend it! I was told that in the past when there were random spawns tested on PTS, players were confused. If you can choose were to spawn, this would probably not be the case(?). Also this would make the whole game mode a bit more interesting and demanding - also regarding tactics and teamplay.

2.) Slaughter: This is a long shot but it might work. Make it a pure Deathmatch aka Free-for-all, rather than Team Deathmatch. The reason for this is (1) it would make the mode even more slaugthery (wouldn't it?) :) and (2) the Deathmatch mode is by nature more dynamic and makes camping a tough business, because people spawn in any direction and predicting hot spots of careless enemies becomes much harder.

What about squads? Squads are still allowed, but they will have to fight against each other too. Why would they, rather than illegally teaming up and dominating the match? Don't know xD Ok this is the biggest problem. But I am sure there are ways to solve it.

What about people spawning directly behind me and killing me instantly? So many games have managed to implement RANDOM fucking spawn systems properly, so VG can do it as well without any doubt.


What do you guys say (this time)? :)
And VG what do you say (if anything)? :0
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28.07.2019, 21:48

Most slaughter matches i just accept activity at the spawns. Slaughter maps are shrunken in size. I dont have a huge issue with this as alot fo f2p shooters have even worse map designs and worse spawn camping.
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