Bad luck or balance issue?

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20.07.2019, 19:55

Idk but lately i noticed when playing alone i got super duper potato team and even stranger when i check their elo rating i completely don't get it how they're so bad being 3k elo player. It seems that elo system is very inaccurate and doesn't reflect the current skill of players (at least in my team)...

First example; player AMPERKA 3k elo, he has only 1k less elo then me and his k/d is 0.33 C'mon?! Somebody explain this sh** please. There are more similars examples, just check
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23.07.2019, 15:36

I noticed something off too. In last week I lost probably 85% of played games.
The opponents team has a couple of hi skill players that could defeat our team even if they played alone.
It especially shows in battery mode, they get all 10 batteries because we can't do anything about it.
And to those who will say "learn to play" I might be bad player but in that case all of teammates are bad also so how is it possible that one team gets to have hi skill players and other team with me has only noobs.
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23.07.2019, 16:51

I'd like to know too. I generally suck at this game and yet have over 3200 ELO at the moment.
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23.07.2019, 17:06

When you keep trying your best when it's a tough match against better opponents = your ELO increases even if you lose.
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23.07.2019, 21:09

That is fine buy people don't generally like to loose all the time so I can think of 10 players that soon won't be in playerbase.
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23.07.2019, 22:05

I see... So people keep playing bad in order to not get roflstomped by the no-life addicts?

Interesting proplem you have here. :)
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23.07.2019, 23:10

Nope, I don't have a problem, I am reporting a problem, it's different.
You got a nice game that needs some polish and one of those things is match making.
You can ignore the problem and pretend that you don't see it but if people are reporting it maybe for a second you could think and see if it could be fixed/changed/modified.
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28.07.2019, 11:30

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28.07.2019, 11:40

M4rk0: balance

jesus christ

Is your ELO still rising by the way ? Because in theory you will hit a point when the game will be forced to throw almost complete newcomers with ELO below 1000 and the other team will be full of 3k guys.

I wonder if there is a cap to ELO.
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