Rudnya spawn kill abuse

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20.07.2019, 19:50


just replay match 13592227

ELO rating matchmaking is bad. Guys were so good they were killing all team inside spawn area that little hangar. No way to go out, Enemy on every exit and on roof killing throu hole.
NO WAY to get to the guy on the roof from inside. No way to get out because you get shoot at from all exit points and roof hole.
That place needs to have some way to the roof from inside or close the roof hole.
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21.07.2019, 12:38

these days everyone abusing everything lol

finally shut down survarium so that abusing stops lol

did you know, if your team is good you can opress the opposite base aswell, can go on roof aswell, and prefire every exit

i guess thats one reason for there beeing multiple spawns outside of the basebuildings

and on top you have 3seconds spawn immunity. learn to play.
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21.07.2019, 20:10

Why are you so hostile?
You don't want people response and info? If that is the way why is there this forum?
I just provided info, and a match ID. Whoever wants to see and objectivly comment can.
Maybe I am a bad player but I was not alone in team. That makes all of my team retards by your comment.
And that means that ELO is bad for puting all us retards in same team against all those players in other team that know how to play, as it can be read out of your comment.

Just had another of those matches - ID 13597889

must be another team of bad players (or just me as bad player) getting spawn killed all the time in base cause I am spawnd in base all the time (and not on multiple spawn locations like you said) and the guy is on roof and nobody can kill him even with our amazing spawn protection.

Another one - ID 13616793
Wooow I must be atracting all the noobs to my team playing on Rudnya and starting on this side.
And the other team has all the proes that know how to run over in under 10 seconds and just keep killing everyone still inside the hangar.
Must be because I am a bad player so my whole team can't get out and we get surrounded and just die inside.
There is no way that something is wrong with team matching and abusing spawn area with no way out.
And imagine, always on this side... interesting.
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25.07.2019, 22:53

Marko wrote about this map somewhere.
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26.07.2019, 01:05

Please edit your posts, don't double or triple post.
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