0.45c versus 0.46

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17.02.2017, 11:16

Do someone can explain what is that mess?
Few day's ago we could see that on the forum https://survarium.com/en/news/test-upda ... -modes-pts and now we see that https://survarium.com/en/news/survarium ... 46-preview .
What happen to the first one? do the 0.45c on PTS will be an update of 0.45 or do 0.45c will be include to 0.46 update?
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17.02.2017, 11:29

Please find the update notes below. Keep in mind those are not final and the changes will most likely go into Survarium Update 0.46. See you on the PTS!
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17.02.2017, 11:38

It has been answered, vaguely, but is has been.
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