Logan kindly asks....

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10.02.2017, 18:09

I, Logan, kindly ask VG to officially respond to permanently deleting my posts, which states about macro users in Survarium.
Why this topic is taboo? Why VG covers up macro users? What is your agenda in this matter?

Kindly ask...
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10.02.2017, 18:10

_LOGAN_, VG ofcourse is against the use of macro's what so ever.
The only problem is, there is no possible way to detect it.

And about your posts, I do not know a thing.
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10.02.2017, 18:23

I reported macro user, that his shooting pattern was identical every time he shot, so it was obvious that he uses some kind of macro, and you did nothing to assess the problem and moreover, you deleted my post. It's not professional...

And about impossibility of detecting macro - it's not true. I remember the posts from couple of weeks when was the problems with delay and officially you said that is macro users doing, and that you can detect patterns of "clicks" which has identical schematics in microtime scale. So I don't believe that is not possible to detect it.

Do something about it.
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11.02.2017, 01:11

-Corvo Attano-:
The only problem is, there is no possible way to detect it.

According to this: viewtopic.php?p=278891#p278891
macros can be stopped. ;)
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11.02.2017, 02:27

At this time, although it is against the rules to use macros, bans are not currently being issued due tho the difficulty in reliable detection.
If this current position changes (as discussed in the topic that Tantaloc linked) you will all be advised immediately.

Thank you.
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