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10.02.2017, 21:38

I paid 10$ for this game, becouse of that image! They promised me an openworld game, I supported this project for years with money and time, testing it since 05.05.2014 - 16:20 when I paid for an operworld game, and now I'm here 3 year later regreting every single minute that I cared about this game! Any just so my bitching doesen't seem unrealistic for new players here is a list of things that coused me to bitch:

-I paid for this, no I don't care how little it was, I personally did not pay for only gold, I paid for the openworld S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games succesor that too was marketed as openworld called Survarium

-I spent 2 years of my life in this, following every step, always even on forums, even in game I said to everybody that we should wait and see


-During this 3 years we got from 0.26 to 0.45 (Which is in reality about 0.38 becouse so it seems that they are working they left out numbers) this means They made about 15 updates worth of updates. But let's stick here for a minute: This 15 updates contained contained about 20 weapons and 1 3 years....

These are the main reasons, but I could say more thing, like in 3 years we did not had a normal hitreg, or in 3 years they madew 4 faces for character costumization or in 3 years they managed to make the game an another f2p cod clone, but won't start thinking becouse of this!

I'm realy sad, sad and angry, just try to imagine what it feals to see something you have supported for years end up like this, hell I even transleted every bit of information you gave us to my language so my team mates too could stay informed, every bit of it, the stories about the fractions, the maps and every patchnote, giving up with this too hours of my life to end up like this.....a sad sad fast paced arena shooter, instead of the glorious tactical openworld game I have given my money for
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11.02.2017, 15:17

You get it all wrong. What VG representatives say is that netcode changes every month, because it doesnt work, that hitreg changes every small patch and never is as intended, that bots are stupid, skills, weapon tiers, weapons balance must be redesigned, maps must be corrected a perhaps some change to the renderer? Sorry, but when you look at it this way, it seems that according to VG nothing in the game works as intended.

And dont worry - after they correct every aspect of the game as it is now (maybe weapon models could stay as they are), work on freeplay will start. So after all these years they figured out that all they did was kinda wrong, now it is time to do things right finally :)
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13.02.2017, 02:30


to H83R´s point of faction changing

it´s an really bad idea from VG. It´s the same if i´m today a westcoast nigga change an hour later to the eastcoast and after this i change to the crips and when the daily quest say be a member of mara salvatrucha, ok. make no sense. we talk about factions. it´s a kind of duty and honor (like the political factions i.e.). it´s not the same if i go every hour in another gym. it have consequences.

Idea: delete the faction change quests. and when you want to change the faction, we must pay for it.and it must a little bit hurt.
the patches i.e. of RA give no more +xp when you in scavengersfaction. we must found (different) privilegues for
every faction to let the gamer think about their decisions.

weapon balance......we can talk about it when we have it. at this point i have a bad feeling when the tier´s reduced to 5.

Spare Parts

my idea: when i wounded of bullets and my weapon broke is a medkit all i need to repair my weapon. i´m no specialist but sure
if i take all painkiller i can get it won´t fix my weapon. it´s more realistic when the weapon fall to the ground and is lost.
when you survive the duel can you get a new one from the ammo-crate in base. and the player who find the
broken weapon become spare parts. 10 or 15. it must be figured out. plus the the spare parts at the end of the round.
this idea is not meant as a replacement for it. BUT the player who find the broke weapon have a reduced of stamina
til he die. Don´t forget. he carry two primary weapons. or he can dismantle it at the place. can be a skill of one from
the two inactive skilltrees. one for the skill to dismantle it immediatly and one skill with i.e. three
steps to get more parts of it.

a few other things i want in the game:

Can you make an option to disable the crosshair please?

And what do you think about a in-game translator. I have enough to see something written in Cyrillic or other language when i know he offend me or another. And when i say "english please" find these guys their englishskills and give me a rude text with the Information it´s a russian game and it´s the main language. It would be innovative and you can be a pioneer with it.

Can you make behind the names in the friendslist the tier number, an L (green if he´s leader, red when not, grey when he´s alone) for info if he´s in a squad and two dots (red when slot is used, green when free)? it annoys sometimes when i search a squadmember. i prefer to play with friends and i can see wether it´s worth asking or not.

AND VG!!!! change the algorithm of the equipment upgrades. i wasted OVER 1000!!! (7€ if i had bought all of them) spare parts (t9) to get the upgrade i wanted for my weapon. over 100 tries is too much. it wasn´t generated for gold or for the
one priceless. over 100 times. you can say what you want. you changed something in the upgradesystem. it was never so hard to get the upgrades i looking for.
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13.02.2017, 03:11

I would like to see more emphasis put on factions and your part in them too.
What you wear, what missions you get etc.
We have experimented just a little with faction loyalty at one time and VG removed this so I'm not even sure that this is something they are still evaluating for this PvP experience.
I hope they are still thinking about it.
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13.02.2017, 10:17

lets face it when the game first came out closed keys etc it something we all had hoped for and was missing from the freeplay arena, problem is it is taking so long to develope there own engine , that what they want to achive other teams are already doing on other engines unity unreal etc and quicker, people get bored quickly and with no real new content , maps or PVE , there is no point I see in investing more time in the game , that has already been copied and done better.

having to play on Eu servers and have high ping is just a turn off , for any enjoyment for me.
I do checkj back but it lloks like its the same people still here with a few new people , who after 3 years may start to understand how the the first few people who started playing had the same high hopes as they do now.

Unless Vg do something in a big change I dont see the point in playing a dead game that will never support free play , and the version of free play in mind to most is sand box open world , not 30 to a server

Vg wish you the best of luck and will keep looking for that update that may decide to bring me back , proberbly like most

one final point kill the changes back and forth on balancing , make them all the same tiers and be done with it
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20.03.2017, 21:18


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21.03.2017, 11:09

Also, check the completely PAY 2 WIN direction of 0.46 on the PTS. It's absolutely R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. This game is imploding. Either we the players step up and campaign for a free Survarium, or we let them take the easy road (self distruct road) and play something else. I love Survarium. I am prepared to fight for it. #freesurvarium
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21.03.2017, 11:12

The Monsignor wrote:Also, check the completely PAY 2 WIN direction of 0.46 on the PTS. It's absolutely R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. This game is imploding. Either we the players step up and campaign for a free Survarium, or we let them take the easy road (self distruct road) and play something else. I love Survarium. I am prepared to fight for it. #freesurvarium

Please stop being so dramatic. It's the PTS.
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