Moderator Applications

Here you can discuss the game in general and provide us your opinion or feedback on the project.

28.11.2016, 19:30

1. In-game name: VlatimaEU
2. Location: Denmark
3. Email:
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05.12.2016, 19:01

1. In-game name: wllayco
2. Location: Serbia
3. Email:

I'm very active, and believe i could help. Cheers.
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08.01.2017, 17:16

1. In-game Username: Murgesh Tinkerbell
2. Location: The Netherlands
3. Email Address:
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Murgesh Tinkerbell
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19.01.2017, 21:16

1) XxNM15xX

2) East Coast - USA


I've told you before about my feeling on this game and VG itself, Joe, and I feel it's high time I start helping out. This game had always been one of my favorites and I'd love to see it blossom into something great. This is not me trying to get on your good side, but my actually feelings on the game.

I've had experience in moderating positions on private servers (not entire games lol), and I feel like I can mediate tension pretty well.

I hope to meet some of the VG team and bring some suggestions to the table as well as anything asked of me.
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31.01.2017, 03:12

In-game name: Nervous Wreck
Location: Ohio, USA

I've thought about applying to be a mod for a while now. I already answer everybody's questions in general chat and try to defuse things when folks start being nasty to each other, since that's one thing that really upsets me. I want playing this game to be a fun experience for everyone (v corny I know). I've been playing this game erryday lately it seems so I'll always be there to answer questions, keep things under control, and make Ivan jokes.
I can also do cool tricks, like speak and understand basic French. Plus I have half the playerbase on my friend list

Everyone else feel free to spam my inbox with Stalker memes
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Nervous Wreck
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20.03.2017, 11:57

1. In-game Username - BBQKhan
2. Location - Europe, Lithuania, Kaunas.
3. Email Address -

Since i started playing Survarium, I got hooked on it, and not just by playing it. I loved keeping peace and helping out in the public chat. Not so active on the forum though. I'm fluent in english, lithuanian, i have basic understanding of russian, since I was studying it for a few years. I have a lot of free time, because of my studies, would love to dedicate my free time to this already amazing, yet still growing community.


I also have alot of experiance moderating facebook groups, been an administrator/moderator for a number of game servers.
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27.03.2017, 08:46

In-game name: -Corvo Attano-
Location: Hoorn, The netherlands
Email address:

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21.04.2017, 08:56

- In-game username: deathlegion
- Location: New Zealand /land of the long white cloud
- Email adress:

I havent been active for a while , but it is good to see so many people jumping up to the oppertunity.

I speak english only and some jiberish, slang and lots of swear words.
I like long walks on the beach and holding hands , i feel i can help players get to know each other and treat each other in a trusting and nurturing way to build good relationships.\

on a serious note

good luck guys make us proud/

ANZAC day is approcahing for us on Tuesday 25th of April New Zealand/ Australia/ covers WW1 WW2
least we forget those who fought and died for what we all have today

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28.04.2017, 15:24

1. soldiertommy or you can probably find it through my steam ID which is connected to my account: 76561198042934395
2. Located in the great East Midlands of the land of the Brits, although I am Polish and am flunt in both English and Polish, which will help me connect more with the playerbase. :)

Been here for quite a while although didn't contribute much to the forums.
It's a fun game really, wanted to moderate mainly in-game for teamkilling and whatnot, but will probably moderate the forums too depending on whether I'm busy or nay.

Thanks for considering even if I don't get the voluntary position, love you Vostok. ;)
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12.05.2017, 02:36

In-game name: -Sikzo-
Location: Germany

I'm here for over 2 years now. I know the game, I know this community and how to deal with both.

I speak the following languages fluently:
- English
- German

I understand the following languages enough to communicate (text-based) to a certain degree:
- Irish
- Russian
- Dutch
- Swedish/Norwegian/Klingonian

I have experience in fighting spammers, spotting bugs, reporting misconduct, providing necessary documentations and filing detailed reports on arising issues.

You know you want me.

But when will it be, the second when time breaks?
When eternity engulfs it, and I drown utterly?
The yellow minute, before the wind walks,
when the leaves turn up their hands, their pallors

It is so quiet here... when will it be?

Vote Sikzo for Moderator
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30.05.2017, 23:13

1. i dont wanna give out my main on the forums
2. United States
3. not funny you guys!!!

hi! i'm Zoey! i've been an active player since 2015. survarium has been a fun experience and i wish to give something back to the developers and the community.
aside from my native language i also speak spanish and some french. i'm also experienced with community management both ingame and through forums
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03.07.2017, 23:35

1. In-game Username TheGreatBalor
2. Location Missouri, USA
3. Email Address

Really enjoy the game and starting to play more and more. I enjoy the community, no complaints yet.
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19.07.2017, 16:55

1. In-game Username : Lairton Hollanda
2. Location : BRASIL
3. Email Address :

Having in mind that I am a player a year and I help the other players, taking their doubts, helping to upar and even encouraging them to continue playing even with the difficulty that we face with the high ping of 140 to 450 in foreign servers, I come Here request a vacancy in your select team of ADM, because I would like to help even more this game that only has to grow and gain market.
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Lairton Hollanda
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