Lighting Quality or Shader Quality?

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07.03.2016, 03:02

I'm using a 750ti and have been running the game on pretty much the lowest settings apart from Textures.
I tried cranking up the Lighting and Shaders but having both up drags me down to 40fps in open areas.

So my question is, which one do you think makes the game look better? Should I just focus on the lighting and forget the shaders?

What's your GFX card and your settings? Also what's your rendering percentage?
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08.03.2016, 19:28

Game got worse performance over time. Once Cologne map came out, I was able to play at 100 fps with High settings, whilst now I achieve around 80 with everything on minimum.

Both of the settings you mention have a great performance impact, and the game already looks good enough on minimum, so you should keep everything as low as possible to achieve at least constant 60 fps.

My GPU is equal to an oc'ed R9 280, I play at 1600x900 (native is 1080P, but I can no longer maintain constant 60 fps as I said), my scale is set to 90% and I have everything on lowest except anisotropic filter (at 8x). I also have Vsync off.
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