The Renaissance Army

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04.06.2015, 03:48

I thing that the R.A is a wonderful faction, first and foremost because they provide they're soldiers with state of the art equipment that no other faction has. Sure, they do have a mindset of dominance over the rest of the population, but whether or not they intend to hurt or help the other factions is a mystery. They only seek to make a name for themselves, and by doing so, ensuring that other survivors join up to help spread their word. In my opinion, these people try to stay in the other inhabitants lives, i.e assist them and so forth, which is different from say the scavengers, who keep to themselves, or the black market, who spread mayhem. Therefore, R.A is the best faction for any soldier who wants to ensure a lasting future in this world.
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30.07.2015, 22:50

I think they do the right thing to make the world secure and liveable again
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16.05.2016, 17:52

Do they have tank?
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16.05.2016, 18:18

MISTYCZNY KARCZMARZ:Do they have tank?

Yes, having a siesta for a long time now.
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