The Black Market

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That's an topic that has been discussed A LOT in the early days of DayZ...
Actions make someone a bandit, not his looks, unless he's suicidal or stupidly over-confident in showing off. So yeah, I agree with you.

Also WarZ, Infestion and Nether.

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Biggest market place in the zone, with the best dealers and the best stuff. I hope.
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Black Market seems like an intriguing concept overall.

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On The Black Market you can buy premium stuff too right?

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I think that it would make the most sense if the black market was comprised of (concerning military surplus at least) military brass, and other people who would have also had the means to hold on to a large amount of military surplus. Though i would also say that it is most fitting for organized crime syndicates to be the ones dealing in slaves drugs ect ect. I just cant see crime syndicates having the means to obtain military surplus, given that at the time of the worlds decline, present day currencies would decline as well. Currency would switch to something which has actual value, and so crime syndicates would only have drugs, prostitutes, and a relatively small amount of weapons to use as bargaining chips in the new world. I do realise that drugs are nothing to scoff at as a commodity, but if you've ever seen a crime movie, they're usually more trouble than they're worth when it comes to a means of payment.

people will always have vices, and people will always want to wage wars and kill each other . Due to this and the world that the game takes place in, the black market would really be divided into a few mutually exclusive, abstract entities: crime syndicates who deal in poor quality weapons and serving vices,the "rouge" members of the former military brass who were in convenient positions at the time that big government would have dissolved, and shadowy characters who deal in the acquisition and sale of relics and other artifacts. Unfortunately the idea of the "black market" being made up of biker aesthetic thugs isn't really a rational conclusion, and doesn't make the idea of the black market into a very complicated story piece.

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what game is it? something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

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[VG] joewillburn:

Apart from gaining and losing reputation in-game with factions and other players we will also have what we call a "Karma" system which will segregate unruly players, to games with other unruly players. This way, we hope to maintain the integrity of the game world.

Hmm is is a very interesting statement, many developers have tried many ways to segment certain player types. A very interesting idea. I can't wait to see if it works.
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wadu:what game is it? something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

Shhh don't let them hear you say that :3
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>What should Black Market People do?

They should hunt the Scavengers in order to loot them. If a Black Market Bandit kills a Scavenger however, that Scavenger will be unable to bring more wealth to the Black Market. Therefore using Tasers/Clubs or simply threats to make a Scavenger drop his loot is the better choice for the Bandit because he will be able to rob the Scavenger again in the Future.

>Where do they come from?

Some of them already were organized criminals before the Apocalypse, others became Black Market members after their Nation collapsed in the apocalypse (Similiar to the UDSSR). Yet others simply joined after the Apocalypse in order to be part of a strong Gang.
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to me they appear similar to freedom from stalker because they believe in self administration,self organization and like freedom their members are equal and do what they are best at or whatever they enjoy doing :craftwork ,trading, patrolling teritory or fighting enemy factions

I don't view them as inherently evil
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It's a market with black walls ...
Must be hard when the night falls...
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ok then

is this used anymore?
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Cheeki Breeki!
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