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24.09.2014, 18:05

modifying the subject is interesting in the similarities as improving crafting weapons or is it possible?
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22.10.2014, 21:58

I honestly think that it is kinda not fair for somebody to be a "good guy with bad equipment" and somebody to be a "bad guy with good equipment" . It is just not fair, yes, i agree that they should "balance" the world and keep everything "smooth" with the game, but every let's call it "faction" should have special abilities, for example, "Army boys" should have a hard day since they are not too good at finding stuff, but when they find it, it's worth the time. Scavengers should have no problems with finding those stuff, but it will be bad quality.
This is what i think.
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09.04.2015, 13:34

Scavengers, Scavengers its my life :D I never leave that faction... Why? Scavengers good for sniping, they sneaky some people can see they in shadow, tall grass or something. i like the scaveng.ers
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26.04.2015, 13:13

I like that in PvP the Scavengers seem to make use of anomalies. It adds another layer of depth to the already fascinating game!
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27.08.2017, 14:36

Compared to the whole day in the shooting, I prefer and friends together in the camp around the campfire chat, from time to time to find out the kind of feeling that material
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