The Fringe Settlers

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04.04.2014, 11:50


Most likely, I prefer to ally with the nature than fighting it, so the Fringe Settlers are best suited for me. I dont really like PvP so... :)

I agree, except the PVP part
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04.04.2014, 13:47

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05.04.2014, 19:38

I'd probably join the strongest faction. If The Fringe Settlers have strong forces then it will probably best suit me.
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05.04.2014, 19:58

This game is awesome but i want to play it ^^
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13.04.2014, 20:14

This faction actually seems the most logical in regards to the forest.I do appreciate the hope the Renaissance army for trying to save whatever is left of humanity and rebuild,they should learn more about the forest and learn to live with the ideal that the forest isnt something you can destroy but temporarily fight back.the forest is an endangerment to humanity but they should just learn to live with it and fight it off when things get to that point,like the fringe settlers.
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03.05.2014, 15:51

However they are interesting you must admit
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08.05.2014, 14:32

Yeah, interesting.

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09.05.2014, 01:02

This fraction stated to interest me after i saw they eq at Open Days... I fought that they will be just some another crazy people like Freedom, they seems to be more serious. I think that will be my favorite fraction :)
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14.05.2014, 00:19

i feel they dont bring as much fanaticism as they should. im not saying import the monolith and re-skin them but it would make more sense to have a extermely fanatic religious group in a post-apocalyptic scenerio
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03.07.2014, 02:24

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05.07.2014, 10:45

Hmm very interesting indeed. ** Rubs Chin **
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09.07.2014, 19:45

>What should Fringe settlers do?

I would like the Fringe Settlers to use anomalies and certain anomalous plants for their own purposes. They are able to live on the fringes and make excursions into the forest because they have rubbed themselves with the scents of certain plants/have ingested a certain kind of plant parasite. Mutated Animals/Plants will be reluctant to attack them (Though their patience is not limitless). The more Technology a Fringe Settler uses (the stronger their equip) the less should these advantages apply.
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09.07.2014, 20:55

Do they have a Freedom-esque political stance (e.g. implementation of anti-authoritarianism/libertarian socialist principles)?
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25.07.2014, 17:33

If i get chance to go directly and do missions for FS crew i will do it .. i will really hate to do missions for any other fraction in game .. in my eyes only they do what is necessary and right thing to survive and prosper... they try to understand and learn the best possible way coexist whit nature ! I see FS as perfect combination of strong nature protector and wise scientist who wish to make a perfect new world ! and if this idea need to be defend it whit gun well it will be defended !! and i see a lots of post of religious and fanaticism in FS for me there must be some religious back story in this fraction for gods sake they believe in "Eden" and they must be fanatics to fights against RS and or Scavengers or Black market fractions ... I have only one fear that this will be last fraction in game we will meat so we all who wish to join/work for them, we will need to crawl threw the ranks of Scavengers,Black market and Rs ...
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17.08.2014, 22:57

Y yo aqui con ganas de conseguir una key para este juego
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18.08.2014, 16:57

Here let me translate that for you.

17.08.2014, 13:57
Y yo aqui con ganas de conseguir una key para este juego

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"And I here wanting to get a key for this game"
This is the wrong thread for this .
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04.09.2014, 16:03

I think they are the only ones who came past the old world blues.And only use old world weapons so they can be equal to the other factions,war in they`r way.But it would be cool to see a high level shaman high on "nature" fist fighting other humans or mutants.
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06.09.2014, 22:02

Hi all
Now ive been gaming since Atari st breakout tank command and phoenix, I am amazed by the exponential increase in in-game total absorbtion! I have played quake ut cs mw3 you name it ive played it *0 now this is the new era 8)
I am waiting to win the lottery !! yet again *)
I cant wait to get my asd w on this intense game x
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11.09.2014, 06:03

Would like to see how they work overall. They would have a huge part in keeping one alive. But at the same time, would be better off without anyone new, but risks will be taking to make sure everyone who passes, passes safely or dies trying. xP
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14.09.2014, 17:10

Sounds like the most "freedom"ish faction, sign me in!

Off topic: anyone else got that view, that the factions look like they got a Stalker counterpart? Looks like Scavengers are Loners, Black market are bandits, The Renaissance Army are Duty, and The Fringe Settlers are freedom
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