The Fringe Settlers

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16.12.2015, 14:36

Nervous Wreck:
But does the RA also take care of anomalies, mutants, anarchists and bandits?

Nah, only kills off other factions that might be too dangerous for their cause.

All hail the forest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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29.12.2015, 02:09


Well, "Freedom" was anarchistic and guerrilla-style saying "leave the zone alone", whereas the Fringe Settlers are more of a pro-forest cultist/religious goup, actively fighting for the forest.

They could be a mix of monolith and freedom.

Well what i can notice from the lore i think its slightly different. I wouldnt compare them to Monolith fighters because they are brainwashed fellas by an "unknown force" (more or less but dont want to spoil the story) who are absolute and total d****. Yes Freedom is anarchistic but their ideal is to protect the zone, while you have the scientists who want to study it and extract all its potentials. The Fringe Setllers seem to be a mix of the Scientists and Freedom Factions. IMO there should be a fifth faction representing/ spiritually succesing the Monolith faction. It would be cool to see a new faction which brings a whole new set of high-techish weapons and gear to the game ( like the gauss gun *.* ; but i know that VG has a hell of a lot of work at the moment so this aint gonna happen any time soon). And also the RA seem as a combination of Duty and Military factions (destroy the zone kill all intruders who have other oppinions...) Soooo i realy didnt like these guys; when the time comes ill be supporting the FS and for RA and Duty t(0__0)t !
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