Your Interpretation of the Survarium story?

This section is for discussing the story behind the game and Survarium universe.

08.02.2015, 10:07

This story is not based off Roadside Picnic, at all. Even if it is Open-ended, it doesn't seem like it. Also, I don't even think there are ANY Aliens in this game. In my eyes, this is the story.

Humanity started to wipe out nature with its constant building of Power Plants, Stations, Buildings, etc.
(The Forest began is Siberia, remember this) A remote Siberian lab is running test on plants, they create a Super-organism that, combined together, is one ecosystem. The said Super Organism breaks out of the lab and starts a mass overgrowth there. It then starts attacking Russia. It creates anomalies and parasites and mutants as weapons against Humanity. Russia falls, being adsorbed into the massive super organism's grip. It then invades Europe and easily overruns them. Then, via planting seeds on Cargo ships and planes, The Forest expands to the Americas. The Americas fall, and humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction. Now people are living in the last safe zones for humans on earth and such.
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08.02.2015, 10:11

johncage:the proper story was already written decades ago. it's called roadside picnic. some aliens stopped by earth to do some business and left behind strange bio-tech, which has contaminated the earth and transformed its inhabitants.

vostok game obviously cannot use that, so they leave the story open-ended.

but everyone already knows what the real story is.

Incorrect. This game's story is inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R A Bit, But is also very different. S.T.A.L.K.E.R, On the other hand, is technically a Loose Adaptation of Roadside Picnic into a video game. But instead of aliens visiting Earth, it just has a bunch of nuclear reactors going off, causing destabilization in the Magnetic fields and causing Electro Magnetic Distortion events which create the Anomalies and such.
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11.04.2015, 14:29

Like for STALKER, imo, there doesn't need to be one.

It could be anything, even a divine punishment as far as I'm concerned. Doing theories about what happened, what is X or Y and many other things is one of the things I liked the most in stalker.

Humanity probably has even forgotten it? IDK, should I be living in this world, I would fight for survival and, as any proper species in this world, I would try to adapt before even asking myself questions about all that.
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05.05.2015, 16:02

OK, sooo... i didn't read all the posts since there are many, so I will just say this : the cause of the disaster should be something like this : for decades, humanity has been destroying nature one way or another, and things were getting ugly. During this time, there was an organization with multiple branches (including the renaissance army) that was researching a new kind of (radioactive or the likes) substance (which would later become known as the anomalies) that greatly enhanced any trait of any living creature. 2 of the main facilities that helped in the research where the Chemical Plant and the Vector Laboratory (maps). The disaster originated from Siberia if I remember correctly . During a massive transport of this substance in Siberia, there was a terrible accident due to the substance's instability , which somehow (massive explosion, corrosion of the containers,leaks, human error, freak accident, etc) led to a massive spill , which was absorbed by the forests / ground and started to gain conscience . In other words, nature gained conscience. Now remember that part where humanity was destroying it recklessly ? This manifestation of nature's potential and wrath didn't like it at all. Due to the substance's incredible properties , it was able to mutate and grow at mind blowing speed and spread all over the world, destroying much of humanity in the process. Years later, after the growth has slowed down (but not stopped), the areas where the Forest has overtaken start showing up these anomalies : a bi-product of nature that represents the substance. These anomalies are the substance in a raw, unfiltered form, produced by nature in excess . The anomalies vary depending on what area they are in (soil composition, radioactive influences,pollution, etc). Since nature is still alive, conscious AND pissed of on humanity, the anomalies are produced in large quantities as a defense system (hence why anomalies keep popping up during matches). Also, for the lore, the Chemical Plant and the Vector Laboratory where main targets of the Forest, since they where massively polluting everything with their research and it knew this is where the substance originated. Which is why these areas received a more severe pounding.
Now back to the present. As I said, the Renaissance Army was part of this elaborate research, because they wanted to use the substance to make their form of utopia come true (with them in charge, duh... -_- ). Today, they are investing in researching the anomalies and find a way to destroy the Forest once and for all, to make their (still persistent) plans of world domination come true. Meanwhile, we have the Fringe Settlers. Remember how these guys are nature loving and all? Well, the majority mean well, and want to coexist with nature, knowing that humanity was responsable for this disaster. But , the eldest of them (the highest in position) have something else in mind : they want to spread the Forest even further, through the use of the anomalies. They see the disaster as a form of divine punishment and the Forest as a salvation and some of them were also scientists who participated in the project, hence how the fringers are so good with anomalies. Also why the Forest avoided harming their camps, since it sees them as somewhat friendly (or not as aggressive as the rest) (movie material here, or a massive single and multi player campaign). Basically, it becomes a battle between military extremists with a fetish for world domination and the tree hugers that are unknowingly led by a group of religious fanatics. The scavengers and black market are just guys who try to make a living and are caught in this war between 2 extremist groups (the fringers debatable since most are just nice guys being tricked) and obviously against the Forest. The scavengers are the nicer guys between them and the black market. The scavengers should have an affinity with the Fringe Settlers since they are both overall peaceful, whilst the black market and the army go hand in hand since both have an interest in power and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals.To put them in order of good to bad : Settlers, Scavengers, Black Market and finally Army. Obviously, nature is getting ready for round 2 ... what do you think?
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05.05.2015, 19:46

eXtremous:Maybe hunting animals? That would be awesome!

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20.05.2015, 19:43

joewillburn:What do you think are the reasons behind the apocalypse in Survarium? What would be the best ways to deal with the overwhelming spread of nature? Share your interpretations and thoughts with us! Interpretation

Well, I thought it would be something we have to uncover as we play. Something with missions and NPCs, working our way to the finale. I did not expect a PvP game when I bought it. I was anticipating something similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R gameplay.
I am not saying I hate the game or PvP, it is fun, I would love the option to use Artifacts to enhance my character. It would give the Anomily collecting mode a more satisfying choice.
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24.05.2015, 03:31


Well, I thought it would be something we have to uncover as we play. Something with missions and NPCs, working our way to the finale. I did not expect a PvP game when I bought it. I was anticipating something similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R gameplay.
I am not saying I hate the game or PvP, it is fun, I would love the option to use Artifacts to enhance my character. It would give the Anomily collecting mode a more satisfying choice.

I agree, make the artifacts semi-permanent equipable items and only obtainable in certain modes. Also, to limit the abuse of hoarding, they should be in lead containers like the MISERY mod and expensive to purchase.
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14.06.2015, 13:49

the russians descovered a new tipe of energy and started to use it,unfortunentley a factory blew up and started making visible mutations to the nature,when all of the mutant creatures started atacking the cities evrey 1 was on their one,soon clans were made and the 4 biggest were scavengers,black market and the other 2,now russia in a civil war only other states can fight to hold the mutiation from spredding
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25.06.2015, 12:50

it would be amazing if in this post apocalyptic world we have each faction surviving together, with the members collaborating their effort to build their own base and hunt for resources while competing with the other factions. I think the faction factor should really be stressed in the free survival mode, but it should be done correctly so that all factions must be balanced and close to equal. Maybe skills such as fishing, woodcutting, hunting, mining could be added as means for gathering resources and there should definitely be a crafting system. I think this game has a great potential and up until now its climbing up the right ladder.
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17.11.2015, 16:46

The cause is obviously what man has done to nature - attempting to control it. Nature decided to fight back, making every person's life a fight for survival, which is what humans did before attempting to bend nature to their will. The scales have been balanced.
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03.03.2016, 05:34

Proxy wars have left many countries in shards. Massive movement of refugees has let soldiers undercover sneak into populated areas to cause acts of terrorism. The fear of terrorism has put into act police states, more control and less rights. Leaders keep being assassinated and humanity falls into anarchy.

Multiple factions raise up- some want to be one with nature, some just scavenge and survive, some want to use the situation to make a profit off of abandoned military gear, others want to put into place a great state.

Abandoned powerplants, laboratories, nuclear facilities rust and rapidly release waste into nature, which ends up causing glowing artifacts to pop up in radius. Abandoned infrastructure is quickly raided by nature, carrying their species into areas which used to be meant for rich men and women in sleek clothes and suits, and their offices.
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09.03.2016, 09:47

IMO, the Survarium story is loosely based on another Strugatsky novel - Snail on a Slope - there we also have a big, living forest, fighting with humans, some Tribe - esque groups living within it in fragile balance, etc. Someone in the old Polish forum mentioned it a while ago, and then i've read the book - it's quite good, but it has a different feel than the Roadside Picnic.
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05.04.2016, 14:23

Just a little question like this : did factions appear in game ? I explain, in deathmatch, do we fight with our factions OR are the factions mixed during DM ?
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19.04.2016, 16:58

So here goes. Cold War never ended. China and Soviet Union's friendship never broke. But USSR broke apart during 70s far earlier than during 90s in real life. Warsaw pact's eastern european countries even Ukraine became part of Nato and EU. A looming fear rose when U.S. bombed Cuba in the 70s but cause USSR was breaking apart couldn't spend resources there. Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and others) became now broke USSR/Russia's strategic ally cause of U.S. bombing Cuba. Since USSR broke Afghanistan wasn't invaded (and the war forth) and Iraq war also didn't happen cause U.S. was busy dealing the cold war and Iraq was Russian ally. So Muslims universally don't hate the Americans like now. But eventually World War III happened during the end of the millennia. Western Europe, China, Russia, U.S, Latin America etc. big chunks of landmasses with decisive geopolitical significance were hit but since these big countries also hold largest population in large cities and they are the first targets, almost 70-80% population of these countries were wiped out. Global communication faltered. Although middle eastern oil was not exclusively targeted, without any buyer e.g. Europe, China, U.S. etc. middle-east also plunged into chaos. Now over with global mumbo jumbo. The existing factions with their origin story is same. But the season Black Market got Nato weapons mostly cause Ukraine, Poland etc. joined Nato (remember?). They go about and create trade routes and black markets. Scavengers are mostly civilians (duh!) and wonder around the most since they have on definite place to call home. Renaissance Army is well the former Russian Army but their mobilization limited. Cause they are the only ones with heavy vehicles (like the picture in the website) they tend to stick near military installations and oil rigs. Fringe settlers are same as the story but they are smart ones. All the scientists and thinkers. And now comes the cringe part. Since all the player faces are male it's because women are sexual commodity in post-apocalyptic Russia. Farmers are the richest group of non-combatant individuals. Factionless raiders raid various settlements, kills or capture settlers and sell them for forced slavery in various black markets to farmers. Black Market faction's principle doesn't allow them but their trade markets are always used for these transactions. Renaissance army and Scavengers are also often buyers. Fringe settlers and Black Market safeguard their women. I'm sorry if I'm too forward with this. I've recently played Fallout 4 and read a online erotica parody of the wife in the game was sold into slavery by the raiders who took her. It's cringe-worthy I agree but not unthinkable in post-apocalyptic world.
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12.10.2016, 16:34

This is some form of virtual world, "ancestor simulation" if you will. Designed to improve warfare if such apocalyptic event occurs. That is why everyone is forced to be part of some "gang"(Black Market, Scavengers, etc)
However this simulation has not assigned necessary computing power due to budget cuts, greed and bureaucrats. That is why actual ballistics, netcode and damage model are not "top tier". And simulation overwatch has this weird idea that weapons have to be "balanced" or something.
Also this would explain why silver is currency in such post apocalyptic world, when silver is just a metal with excellent conduction properties.[why would people that wage war against nature need pockets full of silver?]
This would also explain magical bottomless box of ammunition, explosives, bandages, medkits and such. Rare weapons, that exist very few prototypes in real world are abundant, actual weapon rarity and amount proprtions does not even try immerse in this simulation.

So we are playing game where you participate in simulation without logic or resemblance to reality, hence its has no chance to immerse.
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07.02.2017, 13:52

*snaps fingers* *ahem*
In the near future a terrorist organisation make a nuclear bomb attack on european soil. EU, thinking the russians did it due to political situation prior to the attack, and launches immidiate nuclear "response". That starts a nuclear war between EU and Asia, in which the US decides to keep away.
The acid rains that followed because of the radiation started decaying buildings and vehicles alike, while there remain little survivors, mainly from villages and cities that were far enough from the blast area to manage to escape.Now,trying to survive,they split into groups and gather weapons and make equipment since defending water and food is a top priority now, when everything's gone.
In the first 5 years following the nuclear attack, due to radiation and acid rain caused by it, everything starts to mutate, vegetation, animals and humans alike, and those having better protective gear seem to be unefected by it,causing the surviving population to go even lower, like the black plague in the middle ages. The remaining survivors, now understanding that both personal protection and protecting food and water is even more important now, start splitting from the original groups in hopes of salvation.Some find abandoned army hangars, and due to political beliefs re-form the army in hopes of creating the now lost homeland all over again.Some form a biker gang, and due to lack of fuel have no motorcycles to ride,thus having the tough protective,but still light gear all for themselfs to protect.The Scavangers, urban survivors, mainly from vilages in slavic countries,having passed military training in their youth as obligatory and going out in nature find it very easy to survive,but use civilian weapons they already had as their own and make protective gear from what they salvage from their own abandoned homes.The fringe originally started as Scavangers, but tought that instead of staying in urban areas where nature's wrath just started coming, they should go in the woods,into the unknown,to stay safe from building colapses from decaying,mutants and attack from other factions over buildings and resources that were in limited supply.They made their homes in the forest,studied it,adapted to it,and found weapons from killing all sorts of survivors snooping close by.They learned to be stealth,fast,efficient,and use everything they found out in the forest to their own advantage.
Meanwhile the earth gets struck by a solar storm,causing radiation to mix with it's electromagnetic charge and the elements already existing here, on earth, thus creating artifacts.Only those that fully understand how they work and train for them are able to use them to their full advantage to survive in a world with short food,water,weapon and ammo supply
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07.02.2017, 15:26

Time to become Serious:

The world of survarium comes from an alternative XX historyline. On the Year 1917 the Russian Rev takes place, and on the 1920 the Russian Civil War. Here The war ends differently, with an armistice betweeen the Red and the White army, whith the division of The Russian Empire on 2 Countries: The Soviet Russia and allies, and the White Russia. Also, inside of the 2 states 2 different goverments where created: On the soviet band, A goverment leaded by Lenin, and after, the rivality of Stalin and Trosky. On this Historyline Trosky wins and become the leader of The soviet Union. On the White Russia, a Dictatorship-like goverment is stablished on 1927. This made the beguinning of a Technological competition and a small pre-cold war between the Two countries, who began to develop early prototypes of weapons of the new era.

The ascension of the Fascism on Germany and Italy promoves the white Russia To invade the Soviet union, but this plans end with the defeat of the Axis using prototypes of Nuclear Bombs.

Whith This we come to a cold war Where the URSS have eaten all Germany and all the east of europe. USA, due to this fear of the soviet union makes an alliance with the White Russia. This mades a world where the development of Space programs and weaponary derivates on the ceration of enormous Space Stations, tons of different weapons, and more...That we could see on the game.

What Happens to have the World of Survarium?? The results of this Arms race, who destroys the word and the nature slowly...

Every Faction Will Have His origin on The different Members.
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07.08.2017, 10:59

joewillburn:What do you think are the reasons behind the apocalypse in Survarium? What would be the best ways to deal with the overwhelming spread of nature? Share your interpretations and thoughts with us! Interpretation

Man i think that story of survarium is connected to stalker because there where emissions in stalkers so called zone and after each emission zone expanded and by the 2020 zone expanded so much that it covered pretty much of europe and they called it forest that is my theory about survariums story so far
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07.08.2017, 11:18

Less russians :l

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17.08.2017, 01:06

so I didn't read all of the posts, but I did not see any one mention "Nausicaa and the valley of the wind" This setting would be very much like a prequel to that movie

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