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22.08.2014, 13:45


that would mean that humanity is no part of the nature.

Well you could say that we are not a part of nature because we broke away from it,And now its trying to reclaim us.Or this is some sort of extinction phase for our species as a whole and if we cant adapt we would be consumed by the rising time.

And also if you look at the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game the artifacts are probably alive and posses some form of intelligence because they move across the anomaly or it could be the gasses present in the anomaly that moves them,Considering this the mass growth of the forest and humanities struggle to co-exist with most life forms could mean that we face a challenge bigger than that of the ice age because that was Child's-play compared to this.

P.N: this discussion is up for debate and any suggestive feed back is appreciated.
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Hunting animals, maybe leaving notes with hints for other players (such as "Anomaly ahead" or something), placing traps that other players may get caught on... There are many possibilities :D
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26.08.2014, 13:01

Well you could say that we are not a part of nature because we broke away from it,And now its trying to reclaim us.Or this is some sort of extinction phase for our species as a whole and if we cant adapt we would be consumed by the rising time.

the forest might also have evolved into some kind of superorganism like ants are and now lives in some kind of symbiosis and because humanity has lost most of their instinct they are fighting against it. that seems to be more plausible than random mutation becuase otherwise every living being on the planet would have goen under the changes
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MadaOraby:Live in the wild :O
Killing Animals 2 get Foood :D

Killing animals for survival is always nice idea and great addition to the ''survival'' aspect!
hey can i buy somehow this game ?
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15.09.2014, 11:09

The reason behind the catastrophy?
Aliens decided to stop the death of the planet and the waste of its resources by putting an unknown and special parasite with some kind of consciousness to strengthen nature and force it to spread and reclaim the surface from its own "parasites" (humans) so later, nature would calm down and let evolution start again properly with more valuable resources (for aliens).

The best way to survive?
Maybe inject oneself with some higly mutated tree sap daily (could be fun to have some strange drugs in the game, if it's not already the case)?
Or with modified mutants bloods? Maybe play hide and seek everyday, it would give the forest a laugh.
Call the aliens and ask for forgiveness.
Talk to the forest and ask for forgiveness (speak with it). or ask IKEA to recrute more?
To eat trees?
Sleep in trees? Talk to them and kiss them every morning, noon and evening?
Make babies with all women?
Make babies with all mutants?
Controled mutation to adapt any situation.
Live on water or under?
Eat mutated monkeys to mutate (maybe?) and hop from tree to tree?
Reproduce mutants looks (maybe after skinning them) to avoid danger among them?
Watch Miyazaki's movies everyday to calm the forest...then burn it (or not)?
Pee around your camp to mark your territory (heard animals do things like that and it works) and if it doesn't work, use your poo?
Become a brainless mutant?
Obviously, the more people stick together the greater the chance to watch horror movies everyday to learn what you should NEVER do.
Eat vegan (and vegans?)
Everything above maybe it's the best.
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Super play :)
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01.10.2014, 17:11

KIDINI great post =))

The reason of the jungles could be man made. It could be a new biological weapon that was used by a country against its enemies, but they didn't expect it can spread all over the world.
Or maybe it was a science project, a secret one, but something went wrong and the holy crap started.
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30.10.2014, 13:01

Toxic War :) What do you say ?
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01.11.2014, 00:37

Nature created humans, humans rebelled against nature by creating their own inventions that caused harm to the nature so nature rebelled against humans.
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01.11.2014, 12:05

Hi all. I wanted to ask will the story be the same when u play solo, and co op? Thx.
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02.11.2014, 07:24

redislaw:Hi all. I wanted to ask will the story be the same when u play solo, and co op? Thx.

There will be no solo or singleplayer mode.
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10.11.2014, 21:45

We could say the normal worst case scenario:

The magnetic poles on the earth shifted upseting most of the eco system into a disray.

The first thing we noticed was the increased rainfall in some locations. Humans couldnt tame raw nature. Because of the changes in the climate some nuclear plants malfunctioned.

One of them was near a viral laboratory and caused a rapid mutation in a virus. Since the radioactive leak forced the scientists to evacuate the virus somehow got released ( Maybie in panic or bad security procedures) This virus now caused the plants to mutate drasticly. The few humans who had been folowing conspiracy theories and some with a big stash of food, water and a good basement managed to hide from the initial spore release.

Cities died out, roads deterioated and nature slowly took back its rightfull place.

After the initial spore release the surviving humans had to quickly adapt in the ever changing enviorment. Thus they began scavaging, foming groupes and small communities.

The wildlife adapted on in its own way. Dogs develeped a even preciser scence of smelling, some farm animals ( Most likely pigs) turned into slow but strong predators.

Ofcourse human society would slowly progress further, but a structure would take years to build since human arrogance always dictates that somebudy needs to be in charge and if it isnt yourself it will only cause problems.

THis would then lead to war, hatred and isolation... (war never changes quote)

Making the strugle of surviving even harder...

Some manage, many parish in the new world...

A trading system would be established within some communities, but most of the people would relly on scavenging and or robing other humans.

Well that would be my version of the apocalypse, pčease write if you have any further questions/death threats/ and, or praise/critique
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11.11.2014, 17:25

Well, After reading a story I think it would be this black oily liquid that was delivered to base. "A couple days prior to the catastrophe canisters with strange black oily liquid were delivered to the base"
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06.12.2014, 00:43

I really can not think of anything about the history of the game but I wish añadiesen stealth system in the STALKER him muffler you could put some weapons but only worked with human zombies that I heard. I would like the knife used it as to backstab and take the body to not see it or something like that in previous games did not serve me at all and I hope the cuchillo.Gracias used for something knife.
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06.12.2014, 19:42

I'd like to blame a secret war between America and Russia that got the mutations rolling with a few nuclear bombs.
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15.12.2014, 14:02

I think it is not sufficient for one specific event to alter the world as it is today. I think it would not be enough. It might be a gradual change, like the fall of governments, mass protests and establishing a new order. It might be a division of society into two extremes, where a small part of the population has preserved the way of life known to us today, with a form of government, health and education system etc. And is safe and sound behind big walls in some city-states. And on the other part of the population lives in a state of anarchy, without any functioning and organized societal structures, but just a dog eat dog world, where everybody is on his/her own. Of course if you have no workforce to operate and maintain the factories, laboratories, power-plants that one functioned properly it lead to pollution, meltdowns etc and therefor we have a hazardous environment... Maybe
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02.01.2015, 21:07

Zombie's :)
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07.01.2015, 05:08

Earth will take back what belongs to her. We will fight and die and rid ourselfs from the surface of this so called homeworld. The plateau will be clean again, once more, and life will spring from the seed of corruption. A new cycle begins.
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18.01.2015, 12:53

what is interesting to me is the CNPP as it is today. the place has been overrun with foilage, trees. wolves on the verge of extinction are thriving in the zone. the trees absorb the radiation i heard and will return the land to what it once was. this to me is the inspiration for survarium because vostok have studied pripyat very very carefully to make the stalker series. they know it is a green paradise where no human resides.
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08.02.2015, 02:38

the proper story was already written decades ago. it's called roadside picnic. some aliens stopped by earth to do some business and left behind strange bio-tech, which has contaminated the earth and transformed its inhabitants.

vostok game obviously cannot use that, so they leave the story open-ended.

but everyone already knows what the real story is.

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