What is the story and will we have story or open world mode?

This section is for discussing the story behind the game and Survarium universe.

04.08.2017, 09:32

As some of community members including me know the story of survarium is related to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games some think that zone expanded to the whole world by the 2020s and that story of survarium begins there,but we get information only about factions and we dont know why players of different factions fight in 1 team (ok i know that because of easier matchmaking and etc) but i just want to know a bigger story of survarium and will we get some story teasers like comics and such thing and WILL WE GET OPEN WORLD ??????
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24.08.2017, 03:21

I believe that Survarium takes place in a different universe than Stalker. Survarium is about nature regaining its place and fighting back against mankind with overgrowth and anomalies, causing a green apocalypse. The Zone probably wouldn't be capable of taking over the whole world, especially if Duty gets their way and destroys it or keeps it under control. Besides, I like the idea of a new story better.
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